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E 6 JAMES A LASSART ROPERS, MAJESKI, KOHN & BENTLEY 670 HOWARD STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94105 -sromey on ues" |ANONARK EDUCATION CORP. 415-543-4800 =PLAINTIFE eae out Fa LANOMARK EDUCATION CORPORATION ve TEVEN PRESSMAN CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET (Case Cover Sheets) ENDORSED uty Superior Court ‘gan Francisco SEP 26 1997 | ALAN CARLSON, Clerc MATEC py, _-MOMIgo SO. sar 989890 01 Abuse of Process (02 Administrative Agency Review (03 Antitrust/Unfair Business Practices 04 Asbestos 05 Asser Forfeiture 06 Breach of Contract/Warranty 07 Business Tort 08 Civil Rights (Discrimination, False Arrest) 09 Collections (Money Owed, Open Book Accounts} 10 Construction Defect 11 Contractual Arbitration 12 Declaratory Reliet 13 Defamation (Slander, Libel) 14 Eminent Domain/inverse Condemnation 18 Emplayment (Labor Commissioner Appeals, EDD Actions, Wrongful Termination) Fraud Injunctive Reliet 16 7 2. Type of remedies sought (check all that apply): 3, Number of causes of action: 1. 4 Is this a class action suit? [_] Yes [x] No Date: September 26, 1997 18 Insurance Coverage/Susrogation 19 intellectual Property 20 Enforcement of Judgment (Sister State, Foreign, Outof Country Abstracts! 21 Partnership and Corporate Governance 22 PUPDIWO—Auto (Personal inury/Property Damage/ Wrongful Death) 23 PLPOWD—Nonauto 24 Product Liability 25 Professional Negligence (Mecica/ or Laga/ Malpractice, etc.) 26 Real Property (Quiet Tie) 27 RICO 28 Securities Ligation 29 Tax Judgment 30 Toxic TorvErvironmental 31 Unlawful Detainer —Commercia 132 Unlawful Detainer Residential 33 Wrongful Evietion 34 Othe: order compelling answers ro depo- siton questions 2.) Monetary &[%] Nenmonetary «[—] Punitive d def _L, {Sicha GF PART Gn APTORNEY FOR PAT Code, Family Law Code, or Welfare and institutions Code. ‘= Do not serve this cover sheet with the complaint. NOTE TO PLAINTIFF “This cover sheet shall accompany each civilaction or proceeding, except those filedin small claims court fled under the Probate ‘+ File this cover sheet in addition to any cover sheet required by local court rule. ‘+ This cover sheet shall be used for statistical purposes only and shall have no effect on the assignment of the case. civit casi Saunton uy 199861 (Case Cover Sheets) E COVER SHE! at c-142 UBNMARK EDUCATION CORP. v. STEVEN PRESSMAN NOTICE TO DEFENDANT: (Aviso a Acusado) STEVEN PRESSMAN YOU ARE BEING SUED BY PLAINTIFI (A.Ud, le esta demandando) LANDMARK EDUCATIION CORPORATION SUMMONS : (CITACION JUDICIAL) cool dBn id BE Utena) ‘You nave 30 CALENDAR DAYS after this sum- mons is served on you to file a typewntten re- sponse at this court. Aletter or phone call wil not protect you; your typewritten response must be in proper legal form it you want the court to hear your case. H you do not fle your response on tine, you may loge the case, and your wages, money and pro- erty may be taken without further warning from the court. ‘There are other legal requirements. You may want to call an attorney right away. it you do not Fnow an attorney, you may call an attomey refer- ral service or a legal aid office (listed in the phone oct. Después de que le entreguen esta citacién judicial tiene un plazo de 20 DIAS CALENDARIOS para presentar una respuesta eserita a miquina en asta corte. Una carta 0 una Hamada teleténica_no fe ofrecerd protecelén; su respuesta escrita a miquina tiene que Gumplir con tas lormalidados legales spropiadas si usted ‘auiere que fa corte escuche su caso. Siusted no presenta su respuesta a tempo, puede perder efeaso, yfe pueden quitar su salario, su dinero y otras cosas de sv propiedad sin avieo adicional por parte de ia corte. Existen otros requisitos fogales. Puede que usted quiera llamar 2.un abogade inmediatamente. SI no conoce aun ‘abogado, puede llamar aun servicio de referencia do ibogados @ a una oficina de ayuda lena (vea ef directorio tofeténico). The name and address of the court is: (E/nombre y creccién ae la corie e=) | SAN PRANCISCO SUPERIOR COURT 633 FOLSOM STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94107 The name, address, and telephone number of plaintiff's attorney, or piaintift without an attorney, is (Enombré, ia drecéion y el nimero de telefono del abogaco cel demandante, 0 do! demandante que no tiene abogacto, es) JAMES A. LASSART 40913 (415) 543-4800 ROPERS, MAJESKI, KOHN, et al. 670 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 94105 * ~ALANTCARLSON MONIC S. MATEO i ome «SEP 26 1997 citer, by. — Deputy Ec dtcwaoy ‘oawpace) = NOTIGE TO THE PERSON SERVED: You are served : 1.1) asaningivigual defendant. Skevew\ Feecow] avr 2.) asthe person sued under the fictitious name of (spect): 3.) onbenat ot (speci): cep 41660 minor) TG cee 416.70 (conservatee) cor 416.90 finaividualy under, CQ) ccP 416,10 corporation} [I ccP 41620 (defunct corporation) [cep 418.40 (assostation or partnership) © otter: L—§ 4.[2_by personal delivery on (aate): Farm aor oy eae {Bee revmraeforProat at SOEs) icin Sauna castor ‘SUMMONS. PROOF OF SERVICE - SUMMONS (Use separate proof of service for each person served) 1. served tne ‘a CJ summons CJ complaint (amended summons anended complaint _ compteted and blank case Questionnaires other (specie: ». on defendant (name): c.byserving «2. defendant (other (name and tte or relationship to person served): 4. Cibydetivery CJ athone J atbusiness (1) date: (2) time: (@) adaress: e. bynating () cate @ piace: 2. Manner of service (check proper box): a. [2] Personal service. By personally dlivering copies. (COP 415.10) DC substituted service on corporation, unincorporated association (including partnership), or public entity. _ pubpttuted service on Srmparaton, nn PPorates fhe gersen Gorvos wilt te person who apparent wash (charge ang thereafter mailing (by fst-class mai, postage prepaid) copies to the person Served at the place where the Copies were ort. (oP 418.2000) c. [5 Substituted service on natural person, minor, conservatee, or candidate, By leaving copies at the dueling house, Sees Sensdes oF aoual dace of Dusméce of the person Serves in ihe presence ofa competent member of thy household or a person apparently in charge of the office or place of businass, at least 18 years of age, who was Wareed ar the general aailre of the papers and therearter maling (By first-class mail, postage prepaid) copes to the person served at the piace where the copies wera ‘eft (CCP 1n.20(0) (Attach separate deciaration or affidavit Stating acts feed on to establish reasonable dligence in frst attempting personal service.) a. CJ Mail and acknowedgement service. ay nailing (by first-class mail of airmail, postage prepaid) copies to the person Serves, topatner with two copies of the form of notice and acknowledgement and a return envelope, postage prepaid, Addressed to the Sender. (CCP 415.90) (attach completed acknowledgment of receipt) ©. CO centiied or registered mail service, Sy mailing to an address outside California (by first-class mail, postage prepald, Failing Sreten receipt) copies fo ihe person sersed, (CoP 415,40) (Attach signed return receipt or other evidence of actual deliv. y to the person served} 1. Cl otner (specity coae section): ( aasitional page is attached 3, The Yotice to the Person Served (on the sunnans) was completed as follows (CCP 412.90, $18.10, and 474}; a. Co asaninaividuat cetendant . Eas the person sued under the fictitious name of (specity) ©. Eon penait of (spect): under. C2) CCP 416.10 (corporation) cop 41660 (minon) Cotter: cop 416.20 (defunct corporation) [cop 416.70(conservatee] cep 4ie4o (association or partnership) —-«]_ CCP 416.90 individual) 4. C2 by personal dativery on (ate): At the tine of service | was at least 18 years of age and not a party to this action. 5. Fee for service: $ 6. Person serving 8.) Galitornia sheritt, marsnat, or constable. , Name, address and telephone aunber and, if applicable, b.L)_ Registerad Calitornia process server. ‘Country of registration ang number: c. 2] Employee or independent contractor of a registerad, ‘California process server, 6.2] Not aragistered California process server. ©. CJ Exempt from registration under Bus. & Prot. Code 235010), | deciare undar penalty of perjury under the laws of the State (For California sherit, marshal, or constable use only) of California that the foregoing is true and corract. | certity that the foregoing is true and correct. Date: ate: aati) (Ree January 11908)