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Annotated Bibliography:


"Mexico Managing Water Shortages | Water Crisis Management Study."

Growing Blue. Growing Blue, 8 Apr. 2013. Web. 02 Apr. 2015.

(This source explains the issues that deal with the irrigation techniques and costs
that are depleting the water sources in Mexico currently. The sources Mexico uses to
draw its water from are becoming increasingly degraded and overused. Ultimately,
this article states that the solutions to be brought about for the revitalization of the
issue would be that more policies are needed to restrict the over usage/degradation
of water resources.)

"Pollution and Inadequate Distribution Networks Are Affecting Mexico's

Water Supplies." Explorando Mxico. Editorial Team of Explorando Mxico,
n.d. Web. 02 Apr. 2015.

(This source highlights the issues faced with the filtration and distribution of water
to Mexican people. The article states that though many people in most of Mexico
have the required infrastructure for transporting/receiving water, most lack the
filtration/purification needed for the water to be drinkable. The rest of this article
overlays the data on pollution and problems of the water resources with certain
numbers regarding the costs and amount of people affected.)
--3. Robles E, Ramirez E, de Guadalupe Sinz M, Duran A, Gonzlez M.
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(This source describes in detail what aquifers are and why they are being
threatened in some areas of Mexico. The article lists what Mexico has done with
their aquifers (divided into sections, each section with adequate aquifer amounts of
water), and how the potable water coming from these aquifers will not meet certain
standards for health and safety. There is also some geological data, seeking to
familiarize the topography of Mexico to the readers who might be interested in why
geology affects aquifer recharge/drinkability. Mexican aquifer number count and

Chaidez C, Soto M, Martinez C, Keswick B. Drinking water microbiological

survey of the Northwestern State of Sinaloa, Mexico. Journal Of Water & Health
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11 (severity/numbers of what is impacted)
--Mendoza-Espinosa L, Orozco-Borbn M, Silva-Nava P. Quality assessment of
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Accessed April 2, 2015.

Secondary links that were interesting for background:
direct=true&db=eih&AN=26699416&site=ehost-live&scope=site (Baja area,
Ensenada, Mexicos water filtration/purification plant)
direct=true&db=eih&AN=61893084&site=ehost-live&scope=site (Solution: MMSF
or modified pilot multi-stage filtration)