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Global Fins Distributor

Tel.& Fax# (204) 257-8217

Due to Florida weather, some fish are Barb Checkered

not available temporary. Barb Cherry
Deadline for service will be Tuesday Barb Gold
@ 4:00 pm. Thank you Barb Green Tiger xlg.
Sorry for inconvenience, Bill Tam Barb Long Fin Tangerine Rosey
Barb Odessa
In-tank January 29th, 2010
Barb Red Glass ltd.
Comet 7-8 in.
Barb Tiger
Dragon Eye Black USA
Barracuda Red Tail 4 in.
Dragon Eye Black 7-8 cm.
Betta Crowntail
Fantail Blue 2.5-3 in.
Betta Female
Fantail Red 2.5-3 in.
Betta Male
Fantail Ryukin USA 6 in.
Cat Bumble Bee
Koi Selected 3-4 in.
Cat Cory Aggassizii
Lionhead 6-7
Cat Cory Albino
Oranda Black 6
Cat Cory Ambiacus ltd.
Oranda Brown 7-8 cm.
Cat Cory Arcuatus
Oranda Calico 9-10 cm.
Cat Cory Axelrodi
Oranda Red & Black 9-10 cm.
Cat Cory Gold Green
Oranda Red & White 9-10 cm.
Cat Cory Green
Oranda Red Cap A 10-11 cm.
Cat Cory Habrosus
Ryukin Red 7-8
Cat Cory Matae
Ryukin Red 10-11 cm.
Cat Cory Panda
Ryukin Red & White 10-11 cm.
Cat Cory Punctatus ltd.
Ryukin Red & W.13-14
Cat Cory Rabauti
Shubunkin 3-4 in.
Cat Cory Reticulatus
African Butterfly Pantadon
Cat Eupterus
African Reed Fish
Cat Farlowella large
Algae Eater Chinese
Cat Ottocinclus
Angel Large (advance notice)
Cat Pictus
Angel Mixed
Cat Spotted Raphael ltd.
Angel Florida
Cat Striped Raphael ltd.
Arrowanna Silver
Cat Tiger Shovelnose
Barb Albino Tiger
Cat Up Side Down
Barb Albino Tinfoil
Global Fins Distributor

Tel.& Fax# (204) 257-8217

Cichlid Electric Blue Ram Discus Red Pigeon

Cichlid Electric Yellow Discus Yellow Pigeon ltd.
Cichlid Firemouth Feeder Comet
Cichlid Frontosa Feeder Minnow
Cichlid German Blue Feeder Shrimp
Cichlid Green Terror ltd. Frog Aquatic Dwarf
Cichlid Hap. Moorii Frozen Bloodworm cube pack
Cichlid Kennyi Gourami Albino Paradise
Cichlid Kribensis Gourami Blue
Cichlid Livingstoni Gourami Blue Paradise
Cichlid Nyererei Gourami Flame male
Cichlid Parrot Blueberry Gourami Gold
Cichlid Parrot Green large Gourami Opaline
Cichlid Parrot Purple Heart Gourami Pearl ltd.
Cichlid Parrot Purple Gourami Snakeskin large ltd.
Cichlid Parrot Tattoo large Guppy Pair Singapore Fancy
Cichlid Peacock Red/ Orange Hatchet Silver
Cichlid Red Zebra Knife Black Ghost
Cichlid Salvani Loach China Butterfly Pleco xl.
Cichlid Severum Peruvian Green Loach Clown
Cichlid Texas ltd. Loach Dojo
Cichlid Urau Loach Hong Kong Ottocinclus
Crab Patriot Loach Hong Kong Pleco
Crab Red Mangrove Loach Kuhli Giant
Crayfish Electric Blue small ltd. Loach Yo Yo
Danio Giant Lobster Red small
Danio Glowlite Lobster Yabbie Blue
Danio Long Fin Blue Leporinus Fasciatus
Danio Long Fin Gold Mety.Silver Dollar
Danio Long Fin Leopard Molly Albino
In-tank January 29th, 2010 Molly Balloon Lyretail
Danio Zebra Molly Balloon Mixed
Discus Marborlo Red Molly Dalmation
Discus Red Fuji Molly Gold Dust
Global Fins Distributor

Tel.& Fax# (204) 257-8217

Mono Sebae ltd. Pleco Rubbbernose

Mormy. Baby Whale Pleco Spotted Rubbernose
Mormy. Elephant Nose Puffer Pea
Mudskipper Rainbow Australian
Newt Green Rough Back xl. Shark Albino Rainbow
Newt Paddletail ltd. Shark Algae Eating
Newt Red Belly xl. Shark Bala
Oscar x-large Shark Colombian
Osacr Red Shark Irredescent
Oscar Red Tiger Shark Rainbow
Pirannah Black 6 Shark Red Tail
Plant Banana Shrimp Algae
Plant Corkscrew local Shrimp Bumble Bee ltd.
Plant Jungle Val local Shrimp Cherry Red
Plant Marble Queen Sword Shrimp Flower
Plant Melon Sword Shrimp Indian Tiger
Plant Rosette Sword Shrimp Red Crystal
Plant Amazon Sword Snakehead China 8-10 in.
Plant Nymphaea Rubra Bulb Snakehead Golden Cobra 10
Plant Sagittaria local Snakehead Rainbow
Plant Stricta local Snail Assassin (Snail killer)
Plant Pond Lilies hardy Snail Tiger
Plant Pond Bella Palm ltd. Snail Zebra
Plant Potted Mixed hardy ltd. Swordtail Singapore Mix.
Plant Potted Crypt Mixed Tetra Albino Buenos Aires
Plant Potted Sword Mixed Tetra Albino Glowlite ltd. 1.10
Platy Blue Painted Neon In-tank January 29 , 2010

Platy Coral Red Tetra Black

Pleco Tetra Black Neon
Pleco large 1 left Tetra Blind Cave
Pleco Ancistrus Tetra Bloodfin
Pleco Atabapo Tetra Buenos Aires
Pleco Clown Tetra Cardinal tank raised
Pleco Marble Sailfin Tetra Congo
Global Fins Distributor

Tel.& Fax# (204) 257-8217

Tetra Diamond
Tetra Emperor
Tetra Exodon
Tetra Glowlite
Tetra Gold
Tetra Gold Colombian
Tetra Head & Tail Lite
Tetra Lemon
Expecting February 2nd, 2010
Tetra Neon Florida
Barb Black Ruby
Tetra Painted Mixed
Barb Long Fin Rosey
Tetra Penguin
Tetra Red Eye Cat Cory Peppered
Tetra Rummy Nose ltd. Cichlid Gold Severum
Tetra Serpae Cichlid Jack Dempsey
Tetra Silvertip Danio Long Fin Zebra
Tetra Von Rio Danio Pearl
Toad Red belly Gourami Kissing
Variatus Red Tail Blue ltd. Rasboras Brillant
Heat Pack Rasboras Harlequin
Swordtail Green
Swordtail Neon

Expecting February 4th, 2010

Fantail Calico

Expecting soon
China Fancy Gold Fish and more

All intank Fish are limited.

All service requires a minimum of
24 hours notice.
All service will be provided on a “first
come, first service basis”
Global Fins Distributor

Tel.& Fax# (204) 257-8217

Sorry, no DOA guarantee on all new

arrival item.

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