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The Protagonist/NonConformist in Dystopia.

Directions: After you are done reading your book you

will analyze how your main character chose to be a
non-conformist. You must use specific evidence in the
book (page numbers included) that helps support your
ideas presented. Make sure you are analyzing your
character from the beginning to the end of your book.
You will write a paper discussing the following

1. Define conformity in your own words. Include a
definition, how you see it in the real world, and the pros
and cons of conformity. ( 1 paragraph) (Use outside
sources and your novel)

2. Define non-conformity in your own words. Include a definition, how you see it in the real world,
and the pros and cons of non-conformity. ( 1 paragraph) (Use outside sources and your novel)

3. What are ways the characters (the masses) in your book conformed? Talk about at least 3
instances that the characters in your book conformed. They may not even realize they were doing
it! (homes, outfits, jobs, decisions made for them etc.)(1 paragraph)

4. What are ways that your character in your
book did not conform? Eventually the
main character in all dystopian books
decides to break away from the masses
and fight for a better life. Make sure to talk
about the character and his/her change
from the beginning, middle, and end of the
book. What were ways that your character
broke away? (dress differently, disobey
the laws, question why something is done
a certain way, etc.) (2-4 paragraphs)

5. What were the results of that character
non-conforming? How did your character
change the course of the book because of
their actions? How were other people affected because of those changes? Were the outcomes
positive or negative? What problem was fixed and did any other problems arise because of the
characters non-conformity? (Government overthrown, war, riots, etc..) (3 paragraphs)

6. Finally, explain how a non-conformist in the real world has had a positive impact on society.
Explain who they are and what they have done or are doing to create positive change. What

characteristics do that person and your main character share in common? What does it take to be
a non-conformist who actually makes positive change? ( 2-4 paragraphs) (Use outside sources and
your novel)

Friendly Reminders: Use transition sentences, break your paragraphs up into their own
ideas, check for spelling, grammar, and word choice! Use proper MLA citations (check
packet for references on how to cite)

After writing your paper you will peer-edit one anothers work using the class made rubric for writing
effective papers. You will then make revisions on your own paper based on your peers feedback.

Keep in mind that you will turn requirement 6 into a Prezi, powerpoint, or powtoon sharing your real-world
non-conformist and your novels non-conformist. This prezi should include video, audio (if applicable) and
images to help support your ideas. You will create and share this with the class the following week.