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Math Reflection

When teaching mathematics one needs to understand the following: There are 5 guiding
principles for mathematics: learning, teaching, technology, equity, and assessment. The guides
explain what is being expected of teachers in each category, as well as providing examples of how to
accomplish each one. A teacher also needs to understand the critical areas of instruction for each
grade level. This will help make sense of what essential areas need to be taught. Recognizing the 3
elements to the standards for mathematical content. Instruction is focused on grade level. (Coherence)
Instruction should be attentive to learning across grades and to linking major topics within grades.
Rigor (strictness) Instruction should develop conceptual understanding. Teachers should also have an
understanding of each domain in every grade level. The domains and what follows them is the entire
curriculum that needs to be covered for that grade level. By understanding the framework the teacher
would understand the CCSS better. The two go hand in hand with one another. The framework breaks
down the CCSS and gives examples of problems for each domain grade level.
I took all my required math classes at Los Angeles Harbor College. My last year there I took
two math classes that were specifically for students who were going to be teachers. The teacher that I
had was amazing. We covered work that seemed so simple but when you havent done it in years it
may take a while to figure it out. We did algebraic equations, which I loved. My professor loved to
give word problem equations because she said those were the ones that people hated the most. She
was right but, she showed us how to break down each part of the word problem and made sure
everyone understood. I saved all my work from those classes so I can use them as references.
Looking at the standard based learning requirements for grade 1, I feel confident in being
able to meet the requirements of each domain. I feel as long as I have an example of what is being
asked in each domain, I would be able to correlate that into a lesson plan. As the grade level
increases, the academic requirement of each domain increases as well. There
may also be different domains added into each grade level. Math has not been my
favorite subject, but I believe that is because I have struggled with multiplication, division, and word
problems, which are very important in the primary grade levels. I feel since I am not confident in
those areas, how am I going to teach it to others? I just hope that as I further my career in the
credential program, I will gain the confidence that I need to teach those subject areas.
This semester we will be making a math lesson plan and I will be using that as one of my
artifacts. I will also look through all my work from my math classes and see what work I can use. My
lesson plan sample will show my knowledge in being able to use the math framework as a source,
and using it to come up with a lesson. It will also show my knowledge in understanding the CCSS

and being able to use the standards to develop an activity to teach the students. The work samples
will also demonstrate the areas in which I feel the most confident in teaching.