Is Gravity of Earth is decreasing?


Is Gravity of Earth is decreasing?
What is the wrong with gravity? Why it is decreasing? Value of ‘g’ (gravity) depends on the density of the earth. Which intern depends on the mass of earth and radius of earth according to the following formula

where M can be written as "δ43r3" so the above equation can be written as

So, the equation becomes

Since G and δ are constant, we can come to the conclusion that,

Ok everything is fine, but why g is decreasing. It is because of removing the layers of earth for the sake of soil, mainly for construction (for the formation of bricks). It is so common to see the large storage buildings. To build one of these buildings tones of soil is removed from the earth’s sphere, due to which the radius of in effective sphere is less. So the gravity of earth is decreasing.

Effects of this phenomenon
1. Sea level increases. 2. Height of the clouds is maintained by gravity, so height formation of clouds will be high.

April 8, 2009

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