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BMEL 317 Metrology And Quality Control

Interpretation of Production Drawing, Break-Even Analysis,
Tolerance Analysis: Limits & Fits, Types Of Fits, Shaft Basis System, Hole
Basis System, Selective Assembly, Allowances, IS Specifications. Design of
Limit Gauges, Process Planning Sheet and Tolerance Chart Preparation.

Measurement Through Comparators : Comparators Mechanical,
Electrical and Electronic Comparators, pneumatic comparators and their uses
in mass production. Screw Thread Measurement : Element of measurement
measurement of effective diameter, angle of thread and thread pitch, profile
thread gauges.

UNIT III (8 Hrs)

Flat Surface Measurement : Measurement of flat surfaces
instruments used straight edges surface plates optical flat and auto
Gear Measurement: Gear measuring instruments, Gear tooth profile
measurement. Measurement of diameter, pitch pressure angle and tooth

Coordinate Measuring Machines: Types of CMM, and Applications of CMM

UNIT IV (7Hrs)
Quality Control : Definition, Function, Objectives, Characteristics,
Quality, Quality Of Design, Quality Of Conformance, process Control Charts
And Process Capability Statistical Quality Control.

UNIT V (7Hrs)
Acceptance Sampling Techniques, O.C Curves, AQL, LTPD, concept
of AOQL, Sampling Plans Single, Double and Sequential Sampling, ,
Inspection Types And Objectives.

UNIV VI (7Hrs)
Introduction To ISO9000, BIS 14000 Series, TQM Concepts, Quality
Assurance, Quality Audit, Quality Circles.