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Lettre de demande de recommandation/ Self-reflection for university

This is your opportunity to ensure that all the best points about yourself are included in your university
reference. The majority of the reference will be compiled from the subject-specific comments provided by
each of your teachers. But to add depth and colour to your reference, you can provide a personal
viewpoint that will be taken into account when compiling it. Please fill out the grid below. Keep your
answers concise but meaningful. Please keep it to a maximum of 1 page.
Email directly or hand it directly to Mr Cassan indicating what teacher you wish to compile the

Full name

Type here:

Referees name:

Countries/universities/ courses you apply for

Add the webpage address of the course you wish to do

Describe the process of transmission (online, posted, sealed..?) of the reference letter to your institution
and the deadline - Add name of person to address the letter if any.
Add any web pages to help the teachers to follow the process correctly

Give details of 1 or 2 assignments/essays/pieces of work/projects from 1re or Terminale that you were
particularly pleased with (preferably connected with your chosen uni course - eg for Engineering, a
science project you enjoyed, TPE, etc.)

What was the subject of the assignment?

Why were you pleased with it?

What did it demonstrate in terms of your effort/commitment/interest/ability?

Give details of 1 or 2 extra-curricular activities (in or out of school could be a club/activity/charity

work/work experience/job shadowing) If they are relevant to the course youre applying for, thats even
better, but this is not essential.
Give details of:

your time commitment

any leadership roles

anything you found challenging (universities like students who face challenges!)

any skills you developed through these activities.

Explain the reason of your choice for this country and this university

Explain the reasons of your choice for this course and what you know on this topic

Explain how you see your career prospects developing (even if they are still vague)