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INGL 3103 Fall 2014 Argumentative Essay

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INGL 3103 Paper 1: Argumentative Essay

The ability to develop and present an argument is extremely important. Being able to
defend your opinions and beliefs with evidence is crucial. This paper will give you the chance to
develop this skill in your writing.
Your task is to write a 2-3 page paper where you attempt to convince your reader of
something. You are arguing for the reader to make a change to their life (i.e. to start working out)
or to revise their beliefs (i.e. to recognize the dangers of processed food). Because of this,
evidence will be required to back up your points. You will need to bring in outside sources and
expert opinions to help make your case. I will be wanting scholarly, credible sources utilized
in this paper. A minimum of five (5) sources is required, and at least two (2) should be from
a peer-reviewed publication.
Stay away from things that are too controversial or too played out no abortion, gun
control, euthanasia. These are topics where you are highly unlikely to change someones mind,
and your goal for this paper is to try and do just that. Try and pick a topic which you will be able
to find information to support. See me if you need help brainstorming topics.
This time, you need full thesis with THREE clear main points to support your argument.
An excellent paper will use and explain many examples of the chosen topic and each example
will be cited according to MLA format. Be sure to use the MLA checklist provided on your
syllabus and, if needed, refer to the Purdue OWL sample MLA paper.
Remember that you are writing for a formal audience, so this time, items like
contractions (youre, theyre) and the use of first person language (I, me, we) and second person
language (you, your, yourself) should be avoided.

INGL 3103 Fall 2014 Argumentative Essay

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Important Dates
Wednesday, September 17 Argumentative Essay Topic Due to Instructor for Approval via

Email by 11:59pm. This email will count as a participation grade.

Monday, September 29th -- First Draft Due/Peer Review In-Class
Friday, October 10th Second Draft Due
Wednesday, December 3rd Last day any revised papers will be accepted
**Remember that you may revise your paper sooner than December 3rd if you would like,
as soon as the second draft is graded and returned.
On the day the final draft of the paper is due, hand it in, stapled, in the following order:
1. The grading rubric provided
2. Your paper
3. Your first draft with original comments

I will NOT accept final drafts or revisions without ALL previous drafts with comments

and the previous grading rubric (the one I write on). No new rubric is needed.
I will NOT accept papers if they do not include a Works Cited page. They will be
considered late and points will be taken away until this is provided.

INGL 3103 Fall 2014 Argumentative Essay

Rivera 3

Paper 1: Argumentative Essay

Name: ____________________________________
Date: _____________________________________
Content 50 points

Extremely clear thesis defined and supported with substantial specific and relevant
details (three clear main points, frequent citations and examples from the text); clear
topic sentences which tie directly into thesis; paper evokes strong reader interest.
Utilizes course terminology when appropriate to strengthen argument. Meets or
exceeds minimum page length requirement.


Worthwhile central thesis clearly defined and supported with sound generalizations,
generally strong topic sentences with a direct thesis connection in each, relevant
details, and strong analysis with citations; evokes substantial reader interest. Meets
or exceeds minimum page length requirement.


Routine purpose/thesis supported with adequate generalizations and relevant details;

suitable but predictable content which is somewhat sketchy or overly general;
occasional repetitive or irrelevant material; one or two unsound generalization;
evokes average reader interest. Meets minimum page requirement.


Little or no of the topic or writing context; central purpose/thesis not apparent, weak;
paper does not meet page requirement.

Structure 40 points

Exceptionally clear plan of development connected to thesis; paragraphs coherent,

unified, and effectively developed; striking title, introduction, and conclusion. No
paragraphs ending on quotes or quoted information all quotes effectively
explained. Careful consideration of audience (prior knowledge of topic, formality,


Clear plan related to thesis; paragraphs coherent, unified, and adequately developed;
smooth transitions between paragraphs; effective title, introduction and conclusion.
No paragraphs ending on quotes or quoted information all quotes effectively
explained. Moderate consideration of audience.


Plan apparent but routinely presented; paragraphs adequately unified and coherent
but ineffective; one or two weak topic sentences; transitions between paragraphs
apparent but abrupt, mechanical, or monotonous; routine title, introduction and
conclusion. One or two paragraphs ending on quotes or quoted information some
quotes not explained. Slight consideration of audience.


Plan unapparent, underdeveloped, or developed with redundancy, inconsistency, or

inattention to logical progression; paragraphs incoherent, underdeveloped, or not
unified; transitions between paragraphs unclear or ineffective; weak or ineffective
introduction and conclusion. Blatant disregard for audience.

INGL 3103 Fall 2014 Argumentative Essay

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Grammar and Mechanics 15 points

Clarity and effectiveness of expression enhanced by consistent use of conventional
punctuation, capitalization, and spelling; appealing manuscript form, no use of first
or second person language (I, me, you, your, yourself), no contractions.

Adequate clarity and effectiveness of expression, through diminished by

punctuation, capitalization, and/ or spelling errors; satisfactory manuscript form, a
few instances of first/second person language


Communication hindered or obscured by frequent violations of punctuation,

capitalization and/or spelling conventions; manuscript form unattractive, frequent
use of first/second person language

MLA Formatting 25 points

Follows MLA formatting as outlined by the MLA Checklist and the Purdue
OWL. Effective and proper use of citations. Very few, if any, MLA errors (1-2

Mostly follows MLA formatting (3-5 errors). Few errors noted, citations
utilized with correct formatting.


Somewhat follows MLA formatting (6-9 errors). Consistent error patterns

noted with common aspects of formatting (i.e. citations, headers, page


Disregards MLA formatting and style guidelines; the paper a large amount of
errors (greater than 10 total errors).

Writing Process 30 points

First draft completed by Monday, September 29th.


Participation in peer review in-class on Monday, September 29th.