Psychology Mr. Silimperi Council Rock High School South The Limbic System & Spinal Cord (Ch.


Name: __________________ Period: __________________ Unit: Biology&Behavior (3)

=> Ring of structures around brain stem, work
together to play an essential role in the formation of new memories, learning, motivation, and emotional behavior

Parts & Functions:
1. Amygdala 2. Hippocampus

Psychological Value New memories and emotions

=> Complex cable of neurons that runs down
the spine, connecting the brain to most of the rest of the body; made up of bundles of long nerve fibers Psychological Value Serves 2 functions Permits reflex movements (enables body to avoid danger and maintains muscle tone and posture. Carry messages to and from brain Miscellaneous (Limbic System & Spinal Cord) Damaged Spinal Cord – lose all sensations from parts of body that can no longer send info to higher brain area; can not control body parts = paralysis There is no boundary between the Spinal Cord and the Brain, hence they blend into one another.

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