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Santa Maria II Coal Fired Power Plant, Chile
KEPCO E&C Wins Integrated Des ign and Engineering Service Contract for
Santa Maria II Coal Fired Power Plant, Chile

KEPCO E&C was awarded a contract worth 17.6 billion won by POSCO Engineering & Construction
Co., Ltd. on 30 July to provide integrated design and engineering services for the Santa Maria II
Coal Fired Power Plant in Chile.

POSCO E&C signed an EPC contract with Colbun, a private power company based in Santiago,
the capital of Chile, on 30 March 2010, to construct a 400MW coal fired power plant. Accordingly
KEPCO E&C signed the finalized contract with POSCO E&C on 30 July after negotiating the estimates
submitted based on its RFQ for the integrated design services.
Under the EPC project to build the Santa Maria II coal fired power plant, Ansaldo will supply the
steam turbine generators while Doosan Babcock will supply the steam boilers. The power plant,
with a total output capacity of 404.13MW, is scheduled to start commercial operation in October
2013, thus necessitating a very tight construction schedule.
KEPCO E&C has accumulated extensive experience in designing cogeneration power plants
overseas, including the AFAM VI plant in Nigeria and Misurata and Benghazi cogeneration plant in
Libya. KEPCO E&C is recently carrying out design services for Jorf Lasfar coal fired power plant in
Morocco. Through winning this design project, we are actively participating in overseas coal fired
power plant designing. This will be an opportunity to upgrade its design capabilities based on its
technological experience. In addition, KEPCO E&C is laying the groundwork for winning further
design service contracts as its technological competence is garnering widespread recognition
among local and overseas power companies.