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Your Objectives

Thank you for taking the time to further explore how Edelman Digital can evolve the Bush’s Beans online presence to one that’s cohesive,


Our Strategy

powerful and social. BushBeans.com should be a continuously inviting and engaging online destination for your various audiences while


A Snapshot of Our Approach

showcasing a consistent presence for all Bush’s Beans brands.


Approach–Phase 1


Approach–Phase 2


Approach–Phase 3


Top Level Site Navigation





We’re confident that our proposed approach will complement your existing company efforts. Just as important, our approach


A Deeper Dive

will address the unique needs of your consumers by offering unique features, interactive tools, easily updated content and an


A Strategic Web Presence

enhanced online presence.




Proposed Budget




Why Edelman Digital


Meet Your Team


Case Studies

We’ve considered how best to approach and ultimately meet the objectives and challenges you’ve laid out for us. If given the
opportunity, we will draw upon our deep integration and vast knowledge and expertise in digital strategy and planning, production,
technology, social media marketing and the Bush’s Beans brand. Because of our long-term working relationship, we feel we can
provide great insight towards achieving your goals.


Michael Wiley
Managing Director, Edelman Digital, Central Region


Let’s Build An



Your Objectives

• Build/reinforce a mutually beneficial relationship
between the Bush’s brand and our target

• Reach our target with the right message when
and where the message is most relevant

• Help improve consumer marketing
ROI by holistically complementing
other marketing elements (advertising,
PR, in-store, etc.)

Our Strategy

• Elevate the Web experience to meet the high
quality expectations of the Bush’s Beans brand

• Modernize the site(s) to align with the “new
normal” consumers expect – emphasizing ease
of use and clear, clean imagery

• Maximize visibility in each consumer’s key entry
points to build relevant engagement

• Own the digital conversation by becoming
the bean authority


A Snapshot of Our Approach

Phase 1: Building the Home

Phase 2: Enhance and Market

Phase 3: Get Social

October 1, 2009 – March 31, 2010

April 1 – August 31, 2010

September 1, 2010 – February 28, 2011

Consolidate all microsites into a re-designed and modernized BushBeans.com. The site will have
a focus on relevant and engaging content, and will be built with an eye to scalability and the new
“normal” (social media). Content will be save-able, share-able and rate-able. Phase 1 will begin with
a comprehensive discovery phase, and will culminate in the launch of a new, modern site.

The site will continue to be enhanced, and the stage will be set for a
comprehensive social marketing program.

In this phase, the focus will turn to social. Through outreach, mobile
programs and an embassy and ambassador program, we will turn
BushBeans.com into THE social media hub for bean information.

Discovery and Exploration

Design and Development

Site redesign

ompetitive analysis
ontent audit
isibility audit
onversation audit
L inking strategy

Strategy, Analysis and Blueprint
• D 
evelopment of refined target
• M 
erging of all properties
• D 
evelopment of a single brand voice
• C 
reation of a photo library
• E xplore bilingual opportunities
• D 
evelopment of information

• M 
erging of all online microsites
• D 
evelopment of brand voice
• S ocialization of recipe database
and revamping recipe box
• C 
reation of Game Day page
• D 
evelopment of visitor center page
• M 
odernize communication channels
• Implementation of a Content
Management System (CMS)
• C 
reation of a photography library
• R 
edirection of old URLs to
designated pages on BushBeans.com

Establishing a state-of-the art digital presence


Relaunch of Bush Beans.com (April 2010)
• L aunch of recipe partnerships
• L aunch of e-commerce component
• E -newsletters audit and re-launch
• D 
evelopment of editorial calendar
• C 
reation of a social media newsroom
• Search Engine Marketing

Building excitement and interest in the
brand and re-launch of Bush Beans.com

Social media
Mobile communications
Communications outreach
Creation of HR page
Creation of FoodService page
Ongoing site maintenance
Ongoing digital reputation management

Sustaining momentum through
extended communication channels

The Approach – Phase 1

Phase 1 (October 1, 2009–March 31, 2010)
Phase 1 consists of two parts. First, we’ll perform all the upfront
research that is critically necessary to ensure a successful relaunch of
the site. We’ll start with a detailed discovery process involving all key
stakeholders. We’ll extensively audit the current site and begin to map
out the rebuilt site. Of course, we’ll also take into account findings from
the currently ongoing brand equity study. With these learnings, we’ll
begin to rebuild BushBeans.com so that it more strongly represents
the brand. The creative look and feel will be refreshed, the content
streamlined and the site architecture refined for simpler, more intuitive
navigation. We plan to make recipes front and center on the site as they
are usually the leading attraction for consumers.

Discovery Exploration:

• C 
ompetitive analysis—evaluate other grilling category brands

• Full content audit—including grillu.com, dukesdoghouse.com
and vegetablewithmore.com.

• Visibility audit—measure search results for Bush’s Beans

• Conversation audit—determine share of voice and uncover
opportunities to get involved in existing online conversations

• Linking strategy—develop strategy to increase profile/

Strategy, Analysis and Blueprint Development:

• Development of refined target profiles to ensure
Web site thinking is based on target insights

• Merging of all properties (BushBeans.com, Grillu.com,
DukesDogHouse.com, VegetableWithMore.com) into one
cohesive Web pesence to streamline content

• D 
evelopment of a single brand voice to engage in dialogue
with users

• C 
reation of a photography library to include a large selection
of approved photography that can be used throughout the site

• E 
xplore bilingual opportunities

• D 
evelopment of information architecture

Design and Development:
• C 
omplete site redesign including creative look, layout,
organization of content (information architecture),
core functionality and potential future expandibility
• Creation of a single, all-encompassing recipe database; recipes
should be sharable, ratable and savable. We will look into either
extending the partnership with allrecipes.com or exploring
new partnerships to achieve this goal. Users should also have
the ability to upload their own recipes
• M 
odernization of communication channels, offering more
interactivity in a controlled environment
• Implementation of a Content Management System (CMS)
• C 
reation of Game Day section that includes NASCAR, tailgating
and Mobile Vehicle Tours
• D 
evelopment of Museum / Visitor Center section
• Redirection of old URLs to designated pages on BushBeans.com
• Integrate with all other marketing efforts, agencies and other
internal resources


The Approach – Phase 2

Phase 2 (April 1–August 31, 2010)
During Phase 2, we’ll aim to enhance and expand the site to
create an even more engaging experience. Phase 2 includes:

• Online e-commerce store
• Audit of all e-newsletters; possibly condense into one or two,
make content fresh, robust and meaningful
• Development of an editorial calendar
• Launch recipe partnerships and continue revamping the recipe box
• Continuation and finalization of Game Day section that includes
NASCAR, tailgating and Mobile Vehicle Tours
• Creation of a social media newsroom
• Integrate with all other marketing efforts, agencies and other
internal resources
• E 
volution of Moms and Kids Panel
• Search Engine Marketing
– Paid 

Search – Using the right keywords with highly creative
copy will trigger site visits when searched on search engines
such as Google or Yahoo!
– This 

Pay-Per-Click marketing tactic allows us to ‘advertise’
new messaging while only paying for those keywords that
result in a click-through
– W 
e will take into consideration organic search potential
URLs that will redirect to the new site, including keywords.
This will ensure organic visibility and will match the way
individuals search online


The Approach – Phase 3

Phase 3 (September 1, 2010–February 28, 2011)
Phase 3 aims to attract and engage even more people on the updated site
as well as make better use of brand ambassadors. Post-launch is when we’ll
want to continually refresh and update the site so users have an incentive
to come back often. Whether it’s new recipes, new content from Jay or new
brand initiatives, keeping things current is a must. Phase 3 includes:

• Social Media
– S 
ocial media has a big (and growing) impact on Web
presence overall. With Google and competitors increasingly
prioritizing social content from Flickr, blogs, Twitter and
others in result pages, it is imperative that we build out
“embassies” in all relevant networks. Digital embassies are
spaces within existing social networks (a Facebook fan page,
a Twitter profile, etc.). With many links today flowing into
and out of social network hubs, there are great rewards
(in both traffic and visibility) to those who build “digital
embassies” and connect them to their Web sites
– W 
e have the opportunity to pull in and feature unique
content about Bush’s Beans by engaging with online
influencers to take advantage of the positive conversations
already happening online

• M 
obile Communications 
– Make content portable
– Develop mobile application to view recipes
• C 
ommunications Outreach 
– E-mail updates to registered users to inform them of new
– Incorporate new site news into existing/ongoing media
– K 
ick-off tutorial for key stakeholders to share site
functionality and integration opportunities

• H 
uman Relations
• F ood Service
• D 
igital Reputation Management
• Integrate with all other marketing efforts, agencies
and other internal resources

• S 
ite Maintenance
– T 
he site must be kept fresh and current with regular updates
based upon an approved editorial calendar
– A 
lign with brand planning processes for strategic counsel
and ideation and appropriate site updates (due to current
planning timeline, this may start during Phase 2 and
continue through Phase 3)

Note that specific tactics and timing will be refined following research and formal planning discussions.


Existing Top-Level Site Navigation Structure


Recommended Pre-Discovery BushBeans.com Sitemap


Possible User Experience for New BushBeans.com and Visitor Center Pages*

*For mockup purposes only. A full multiple concept creative exploration will
take place at beginning of project to decide content and creative direction.

Visitor’s Center
Home Page

A Deeper


A Deeper Dive: Core Site Elements

• Game Day

• Museum and Visitor Center

• Food Service

• Recipes

• Human Relations

• Newsroom

• Hispanic / Canadian Markets

• Sustainability


A Deeper Dive (Continued)

Game Day (Phases 1 and 2)

Museum and Visitor Center (Phase 1)

The following tactics allow Bush’s Beans to extend and build off

Excitement is building about the new visitor center being

of the summer grilling season.

developed for Bush Brothers & Company, housing a gift shop,
company museum, delicatessen and 74-seat theater. A steadily

• NASCAR – Leverage Bush’s partnership with NASCAR

increasing number of consumer requests for such a location

by aggregating real-time driver updates from the track

provided the drive to create the new visitor’s center, so it makes

to BushBeans.com. The page will also be easily updated

sense to translate that excitement and desire for engagement

to house contests and encourage fans to upload photos

online as well.

from the track

• Tailgating – Bush’s Beans has extensive grilling content,

including how to get there, contact information and an

such as recipes, that can be incorporated into the larger

interactive map highlighting various events taking place

“Game Day” umbrella. Additional content may include

near the center that would interest vacationers

contests, tips on hosting tailgate parties and incentive

• Mobile Vehicle Tours – Incorporate all assets from the

• A 
n online store will offer visitors the chance to purchase
branded products, including apparel and other items


• B 
asic information about the center will be provided,

We will replicate the experience of visiting the visitor center by

Mobile Vehicle Tour, including photos, videos, calendar

creating a virtual tour of the three-dimensional space alongside

and list of upcoming locations

live webcams stationed around the physical location.

• W 
e’ll include an area for members to log in and share
personal stories, photos and video

This approach serves multiple purposes; it will sate people’s
curiosity and interest in the history of Bush’s, it will create a digital
space for fans of the brand to interact and share their own vision
of the brand and it will entice families to include the center as a
stop on a future vacations in the Great Smoky Mountains National
Park area.

Food Service (Phase 3)
The current site offers a hidden Food Service page with limited
content and engagement opportunities for the business-tobusiness audience. In order to further connect with them,
the new site may include:

• Nutritional information, links to recipes and contact
information for sales representatives to purchase Bush’s
Beans products

• Opportunity to purchase branded products

• Aggregated content and news from appropriate sites

• A login page to the internal systems accessible to brokers,
sales and marketing

• All online promotions including offers, coupons and rebates

• U 
sers will be able to go in and catch up with friends old
and new, check out each other’s recipes and share video
and photos from a recent cookout or family outing


A Deeper Dive (Continued)

Recipes (Phases 1 and 2)

to a personalized recipe book through an elevated

Consumers are continuously seeking recipes online. In fact,
it’s the number one request consumers ask from food-related
companies. Bush’s Beans already recognizes the importance

brand’s equity to create a robust and compelling recipe section
that is core to Bush’s digital marketing strategy. This will be
implemented through a three-pronged approach:

• Socialization of the content

• Revamping of recipe box

• Extension of your reach-through partnerships

Revamping the Recipe Box
There are a seemingly endless amount of recipe sites online.
To cut through the clutter and be seen as a leader in the
industry, Bush’s needs a strong and reputable presence in the
recipe world. We recommend creating the ultimate bean

• Revamp the recipe section of the Bush’s Beans Web
site so all content is searchable and includes nutritional


to expand and elevate this partnership

• While All Recipes is not set up in a blog format, it does
allow for comments and reviews on each recipe. In addition,

users in the Bush’s community

• All Recipes is a current partner for Bush’s Beans.
We recommend exploring further opportunities

• Users can upload their own recipes and share them with
family and friends. Recipes can also be shared with other

it uses a star system for ranking, provides cook times and

• Users will be able to rate and comment on the recipes

the ability to switch between U.S. and metric measurements,
Extending Your Reach Through Partnerships

and lets users build a profile and a recipe box

To generate further awareness about recipes and

My Recipes (myrecipes.com)

BushBeans.com, we recommend partnering with some of

• Owned by Progress Living, Inc., My Recipes contains

the following online influencers/sites. A final recommendation

recipes featured in magazines like Cooking Light, Southern

will be presented based upon further exploration.

Living, Real Simple, All You, Sunset and Coastal Living

• Recipes contain a rating system, a review option and

Tasty Kitchen (thepioneerwoman.com/tasty-kitchen/)

the ability to save for later in a recipe file, much like

All Recipes. Members are also invited to share their

• Launched early in July by Ree Drummond,

own recipes. In addition, if you embark upon a media

better known as the Pioneer Woman

buy, recipe development is complimentary, which will

• Ree is a rancher’s wife and cooks with beans often,

further Bush’s reach and recipe database

making her a great long-term partner for Bush’s

• She regularly gets hundreds (if not thousands)
of comments per post and her engaged readership would

recipe destination online through partnerships and usergenerated content.

All Recipes (allrecipes.com)

partnership with All Recipes or other appropriate site

recipes play in the online space, but the brand’s current approach
is fragmented and disjointed. We envision leveraging the

• Allow users to create their own profile, including access

FoodBuzz (foodbuzz.com)

partners with bloggers and aggregates more than 1 million

make for a great interactive audience

blog posts from 10,000 food blogs worldwide

• There is an opportunity to own specific branded tabs
on the site (i.e., – grilling, pantry cooking, etc.)

• An online social community targeted to foodies, FoodBuzz

• The site is also a destination for brands to showcase their latest
products. One highly effective program has been influencer
product sampling to generate awareness and drive trial

A Deeper Dive (Continued)

Socialization of the content

RSS Feed


Social Networks

Enable RSS Feed

Further generate awareness by engaging in two-way
dialogue through a forum. The forum can be hosted
on multiple social communities (Twitter, Facebook)
and a transcript can be syndicated to bloggers and
posted on BushBeans.com

Leverage brand ambassadors to engage in
conversation on targeted network of embassies:

Create a robust syndication strategy to
place content on targeted social networks

Since online videos are expected to grow, Bush’s Beans
can leverage this trend by:
Develop a mobile application to view recipes

• L aunch a recipe-focused blog that allows the brand
to participate in the larger conversation online and
engage with other influential foodie bloggers

• C 
reating a branded channel on YouTube that
is managed by a brand ambassador (see social
network below for more details on the embassy
• T 
argeting and enlisting foodie bloggers
to produce short videos to place on BushBeans.com
and YouTube (e.g., – Oscar Mayer)

• A 
n ambassador program engages in
meaningful dialogue with users by connecting
on their terms, in their places of interest
through mutual benefits, collaboration and
• T 
he expected outcome is a substantial growth
in networked relationships and earned links
from third parties
• E mbassies help drive search engine visibility,
increased awareness and dialogue
• P 
otential embassies include: Facebook,
YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo! Answers, Flickr

• A 
llowing consumers to upload their personal
“beautiful bean footage”

• Invite guest bloggers to post recipes and other
relevant content


A Deeper Dive (Continued)

Human Relations (Phase 3)
The current site lacks a central area with career information
for Bush’s Beans. A section of the site will contain:

• Job postings

• Recruiting information

• Application and resume uploading form

• Automated response to the applicant after a resume

While this section should be primarily targeted towards members
of the press it should also be open to online influencers and other
users interested in current information about Bush’s.

Hispanic / Canadian Markets (Ongoing)

audiences, we would build the site on a multilingual

is submitted, thanking them for their interest and

platform. Part of this process involves vetting the content

indicating that a representative will be in contact based

so it translates in a relevant way. It’s not just a matter

on qualifications

of word-for-word translation, we need to be aware of

• Information of community events with which Bush’s

differences in culture, language and tone

is involved

Newsroom (Phase 2)
It’s highly recommended that BushBeans.com contains a
newsroom, so we’ll create a full media suite and populate it with:

• In order to engage with the Hispanic and French-Canadian

• It should be easy and intuitive for users to navigate
to these different platforms

Sustainability (Ongoing)
Based on the key messaging development, we will explore

• Corporate communiqués and press releases

• Aggregated news content from outside sources
about Bush’s

• Company bios

• Product news

• Downloadable photos and video for media usage


options to integrate content onto the Web site as appropriate.

A Strategic Web Presence

Content Management System

Digital Reputation Management

The optimal technical framework that meets the needs of the

creative strategy. In order to enable BushBeans.com to become

• C 
onduct monthly monitoring reports to keep a pulse
on online dialogue

a successful content publisher and social media presence, we

• D 
evelop corporate social media policy

recommend building the site within a Content Management

• C 
reate a corporate decision tree that explains how

System (CMS). A CMS will enable you to easily support, manage
and refresh all of the content. A CMS allows authorized users

to escalate and respond to online conversation

• D 
evelopment of a “dark site” – a pre-developed,

to add, delete and modify elements, update content and create

non-public Web site that can be published to the live

entire sections of the Web sites with ease. Implementation of the

Web in the event of a crisis

CMS will help significantly lower the annual cost of updating the
redesigned Web sites on a regular basis.


Agency Integration
We will work closely with all other agency partners to incorporate
brand strategy, content, events, creative and promotional

We will integrate with all plans and components with Test ‘N Learn

opportunities. This effort toward integration will ensure a

program for FY ‘11.

seamless engagement across the entire media landscape.

Social Media

Technical Support

We will integrate with all plans and components with Test ‘N Learn

Produce an emergency “24/7” plan for technical issues.

program for FY ‘11.







Unique Users
Page Views
Video Views

Time Spent
Number of Comments
Wall Posts
Unique Commenters
Comment Length


Search Analytics

• Radian6
• Search Analytics


Inbound Links
Links to Your Content

• Technorati
• Blog Pulse
• Radian6


Registered Users

• Search Analytics


• On-Message
• Positive/Negative/
Neutral Discussion
• Ratings

• Radian6
• MotiveQuest



Why Edelman Digital

Whereas marketers used to “Tell” a story to consumers, today, we “Find” the story from consumers.
Edelman Digital has been listening to consumer conversations since 1995 and discovered that if you find
the story from the consumer you can tell it back to them in their language—and own the story. This is
a trend that has continued since we began our Edelman Trust Barometer in 2000, and “people like me”
became the No.1 source of trusted information – around the globe.
The opportunity for the Web site and its extended online presence to be an online forum for customer
engagement is compelling. Edelman Digital is confident that we are the right strategic partner to promote
and increase the awareness and opportunities for your member companies.
However, our efforts don’t stop there. It is our philosophy that a Web presence is never complete and that
it must constantly evolve to ensure meaningful, repeat traffic and audience satisfaction. To us, the internet
represents the largest pool of consumer insight that has ever existed. We’ll continuously harness this
insight to best update the Web site by staying fresh, relevant and engaging.

There is a huge advantage to
have our digital and PR teams
talking to each other—and in
this case with Edelman being

the same agency.
- Anu Gandhi,

Director of Marketing for Consumer Markets,

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to discussing our proposal with you in greater detail.

American Heart Association




Nature’s Path Organic
Nature’s Path Organic is a food company whose message
of “Eat Well. Do Good.” is a platform to strive to do more
than sell breakfast foods. Edelman Digital created a Web
site to enable consumers to experience how good food
is simply good, while their beliefs in philanthropy builds
a pathway for doing good and having it come back to
you. The digital experience showcases how goodness
follows from vision to product to promote their efforts in
social responsibility and sustainability – while providing
educational content to help consumers eat mindfully and
provide actionable opportunities to do good for people
and the planet.

Go Red for Women
Edelman developed a multi-faceted online presence that
established Go Red for Women (a national, grassroots
campaign to raise awareness that heart disease is women’s
No. 1 killer) as a distinct sub-brand of the American Heart
Association. The program uses strategic interactive vehicles to
create and sustain strong relationships with American women,
healthcare professionals, and corporate partners. The new
goredforwomen.org site achieved 9 million hits and 16,000
program registrations (up 365% from old AHA site pages) and
more than 16,000 people registered for Go Red in the site’s first
month (up 54% from before the launch of the new site).

Edelman also implemented a 12-week online health wellness
program in coordination with the Cooper Institute called the
Go Red BetterU program. This program included development
of an interactive widget, online journal, weekly quizzes, and
a wealth of health information to guide the user through the
program. About a month after the launch of the program,
BetterU garnered over 6,500 registrants, over 115k unique page
views, and 30% of registrants installed the widget