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Autism Program Macomb Intermediate School District

11870 Eldorado Sterling Heights, MI 48312-3943 586-939-5391

December 10, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Marissa Sheffield for current teaching positions with in your school district.
Marissa was assigned to a long-term paraprofessional position in my classroom. Our classroom services students with Autism
Spectrum Disorder who range in age from five to eight years old. We are currently housed in a self-contained classroom with in a
general education elementary school.
Marissa possesses the qualities that one needs in order to work effectively with children with special needs. She is kind, patient, and
caring. She adapts her communication with students based on their needs. She is available to work with students to enhance their
academic, social, independent living and behavioral skills. It is evident that she enjoys working with all students and initiates
interaction and assistance with students with severe behavioral disabilities. Marissa developed an excellent rapport with the students
based on positive reinforcement while also encouraging each students independence. Marissa assisted with the current peer pals
program our students participate in with a third grade buddy. She guided instruction and attended to the social and behavioral needs
of all of the students.
Marissa demonstrates the skills necessary to work with other professionals. She is always punctual. She follows the classroom
routine and asks questions in order to seek clarification. She takes initiative when the teacher is out of the classroom or unable to
work with all of the students. She feels comfortable sharing ideas that benefit the classroom routine and curriculum.
Marissa takes an interest in learning more about students and their families. She seeks information about strategies that will
enhance students education. She also has expressed an interest and willingness to attend professional classes offered to substitutes
should they be available.
Marissa is an exemplary substitute paraprofessional. Having her in our classroom has greatly enhanced the structure of our students
school day. Marissa possesses the necessary skills and personality to become an exemplary teacher for young students with
disabilities. I believe she will be an asset to your team and your students.

Vanessa E. Elizando
MISD-ASD Program
Rodgers Elementary School

John A. Bozymowski, President Max D. McCullough, Vice President Edward V. Farley, Treasurer
Theresa J. Genest, Secretary Donald R. Hubler, Trustee
Michael R. DeVault, Superintendent