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7/8 Learning Outcomes

Course Overview and General Syllabus
This course is a graded course that is dedicated to help students achieve academic greatness by
giving them an extra class period of quiet continuous study time to complete work from other
Students will also be expected to contribute several short writing assignments about study skills
and strategies throughout the year. The writing assignments are created to meet the school-wide
goal of writing across the curriculum and teach beneficial study skills to the students.
Course Objectives:

Make productive use of time

Complete class assignments/homework
Study for quizzes and exams
Effectively use the Title Lab/Resource Room for extra tutoring
Obtain reverse passes to meet with teachers
Be a more successful student
Complete writing assignments

2014-2015 General Curriculum Map (subject to change)


Use technology to report

on assignments to
complete for the class
period (Edmodo).
Give weekly progress
reports on class
grades/effort on Edmodo

Use technology to report

on assignments to
complete for the class
period (Edmodo).
Give weekly progress
reports on class
grades/effort on Edmodo

Students should come to class prepared with a notebook, folder, and writing utensil. iPads need
to be charged prior to coming into the classroom, as charging is not available during class. Ample
time is given prior to a large assessment for students to study in preparation. It is expected they
take the time to prepare adequately for chapters/unit tests, quizzes, etc. Preparation is large part

of the students responsibility. Assignments should be submitted on time for prompt return and
grade entry, as well as to provide time to review written feedback from the teacher.
To provide a safe and supportive classroom environment, I ask that students respect eachother,
as well as the teacher and the classroom. Students should raise their hands to participate in
discussion or ask a question. Although there are times I ask for open discussion, when I
encourage random responses to enhance discussions.
A student who was absent needs to check the absent folders in the classroom for any missing
assignments or notes. He or she should also check with classmates to find out details of what was
discussed/assigned in class. Students have two days to make up works from one day of class
missed. If subsequent days are missed, students have one additional day per absence. For
example, if a student misses two days of class, he or she has a total of three days to make up and
submit any missing assignments or make up any tests/quizzes.
The late policy for missing work is a loss of 10% of the possible points per day. After five days,
any assignment submitted can receive no higher than 50% of the possible points. The late policy
does not apply to students who were absent, unless assignments are not submitted in the amount
of make up days allotted.
Students will receive 2 points each day when they bring work to Learning Outcomes and utilize
the full hour as a productive work session. The student must make an effort to study and work
independently on assignments and homework. Points will be lost if the student disrupts the
room with casual conversation, gaming, and not using the provided time to maintain and improve
coursework grades.
Writing assignments about study skills and strategies will be worth 10 points each.
Internet Tools:
I have created a Weebly page for all of my courses. Each course has a dropdown section with
various amounts of information. As the year continues more will be added. There you will also
find a tentative course calendar (subject to change), as well as links to the state standards. There
is also a page that includes pictures of the homework I have assigned for all my courses. I find
this to be a great tool for parent(s)/guardian(s) to check on assignments, and for students as well,
should they need to reminder.
Here is the web address of my Weebly page:

I also use Edmodo, as a way for students to collaborate on projects, participate in discussions,
and submit assignments. Edmodo is a very useful tool, and user-friendly. Should you like to join
code for a course, please let me know and I can get you that information. You would have to setup your own profile prior to joining the course.
Students will have some apps loaded on to their iPads for use in class. These apps will change/be
added to throughout the year.
Contact Information:
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me one of the ways listed below:
Via Email:
Via phone: Vulcan Middle School, (906) 563-9563
Via Conference: Please call to confirm a day and time. I am located in the middle school, room
Lets have a wonderful school year!

Anna M. Martell
History Teacher
Norway Vulcan Area Schools

Please sign and have your student sign and return this portion of the syllabus to me as soon as
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We have read and understand the expectations, course requirements, and policies of 7/8 Learning
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