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Rubric 2010

Rubric 2010

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Published by Jesse Franzen

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Published by: Jesse Franzen on Feb 01, 2010
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Student Name


English Teacher and Period:

Media Campaign:
Category Points Possible 10 10 25

Date Completed: Rate Your Excellent Good Average Self

Needs Teacher’s Improvem Rating ent

Logo (whole group) Slogan / Tagline (whole group) Brochure – (small group 1)
Message: thoughtfully chose a message and worked on slogan, logo etc. to convey meaning? Content: follow requirements? Details, contact section, cite resources, etc.? Statistics: see math teacher for individual rubric Format: followed requirements? Minimum 8x11, folded, included graphics, etc.?

Film (small group 2)
Storyboard: each shot, angle, location, speaking line, music, and list of props. Approved by group and Mr. Franzen Message: does it support the main message from the brochure? Content: is it 15 seconds and contain your slogan and logo?


Inividual Project (on your own)
Message: does it support the main message from the Brochure? Format: does the style and format coordinate with the brochure? Similar color scheme, graphics, etc.?


Final Reflection (on your own) Is
it fully completed with each question answered? Is it neat and written with proper grammar and punctuation?


Overall – took effort and time to develop
idea & complete project? (Didn’t rush.) Good use of class time? Included additional media?


Your Total:

Average Student&T eacher: Possible: 100 100

Teacher Total: Possible: 100


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