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Traye Pelzer

EDU 213
Mr. Duea
September 16, 2014
Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses of the Learner
During this assignment I was asked to identify several aspects of
myself that affect my learning. These aspects included my particular
learning style, dominant multiple intelligences, and my own Right/Left
brain dependency. Based on the results of the three self-assessments I
took I will interpret the results of the tests and determine what they
mean to me as a learner today and a teacher in the future. To do so I
will answer three questions the first concerning what the data means
to me as a learner, second information I could provide to my teachers
to help them understand me as a learner, and lastly how knowing of
these test could help me as a future educator.
Using the data that I obtained from the three tests I took I
determined that I am a visual and tactile learner, my left and right
brain are 4 points from being perfectly balanced, and I have strength
when it comes to my self, athleticism, and musicianship. As a learner
this tells me that seeing is an effective way for me to learn, while I can
afford to both visualize while moving about the task. The best way for
me to learn is to see a task performed, and then be allowed to do the
same task as was just performed. I believe my learning style is
complimented by my multiple intelligences where I scored highly in
Kinesthetics/body movement. This tells me that being able to
physically go about a task enables a higher level of learning to be

Traye Pelzer
EDU 213
Mr. Duea
September 16, 2014
achieved by myself. Based upon my Right/ Left brain activity I am able
as a learner to use the logical side of my brain while also instituting the
gut feeling and impulsivity of my right brain. This allows a spontaneous
absoluteness of how I can deal with problems incorporating equally
both sides to problem solving.
After identifying how I learn and think about educational work, I
have discovered several ways to inform and educator on how I would
best be benefited by their work. Firstly, I need to see the task done
first, and then have time to replicate the task on a smaller or the same
scale as it was just done. Lecturing does very little for me as a learner
as I need to see the words for them to be committed to my memory.
Also it is important for me to be able to move about while learning as it
helps me internalize the information while being able to move about
my work. No problem presented to me will pose a problem to me as far
as going about it, however, presenting a problem that requires too
much spontaneous or logical activity could prove to be difficult as I rely
on both sides of my brain. Thusly prodding at one side of the equation
could prove difficult for me to process correctly.
As a future educator these self-assignments have provided me
with both invaluable and overwhelming information. It informs me that
no matter how perfectly I believe I have designed a lesson it is nigh
impossible to have 100% effectiveness with all the students. This tells

Traye Pelzer
EDU 213
Mr. Duea
September 16, 2014
me that patience is the most important skill that a teacher will need to
develop as no one student can ever be inherently the same. Although
genetically each human is only .1% differently it changes millions of
factors that affect how effectively our brain processes information. As a
future educator this has provided me with a broad outlook on my
future students and the differences that I will inevitably encounter.
During this assignment I learned not only about myself as a
student but the struggle that educators face everyday when
determining how best to inspire and educate their students. It has
informed me that there is no silver bullet for education and adaptability
and patience are the key to a low blood pressure and have a satisfying

April 14, 2015

Recently I wen back and retook the same assessments and found
that they all still stood true for my learning preferences. This tells me
that I have reached the point where I learn the best and it helps me to
know how I need to go about studying. Knowing that the styles have
remained the same also helps me to think about the importance of
understanding how future students will align to the preferences so that
I could better help them to learn in my classroom.