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February 8, 2015

I conducted my professional interview with Tina White, a long-standing kindergarten

teacher at McLoud Public School system. I chose Tina because she has been a teacher at
McLoud for as long as I have been owned and operated my childcare center in McLoud. I have
observed how Tina interacts with students, parents, co-workers, my staff and myself. She was
always eager to have children that came from my facility due to my preschool program and the
advantages the children already had before entering kindergarten. She has always showed
professionalism, class, and enthusiasm. She is very energetic, caring, and positive guiding for
the students in her classroom. Tina is a wife and a mother of two young men, who graduated
from McLoud Public Schools. Tina admits that she had the best of both worlds while her boys
were in school. They came together and returned home together. Tina always thought how she
wanted her boys to be treated in the classroom and implemented that into her own classroom.
Tina has a degree in Elementary Education with her certification in Early Childhood
Education. She has taught for 26 years as a kindergarten teacher. All her teaching years have
been with McLoud Public School system. She told me she has seen several principles come and
go with the next making a positive atmosphere in the school. Tina is a standing member of OEA
(Oklahoma Education Association), NEA (National Education Association), along with her local
union, MACT (McLoud Association of Classroom Teachers).
Tina shared that all teachers are expected to dress in a manner that represents their
profession. Teachers attire should not contradict anything that is prohibited for students attire.
She also stated that the current principle allows jeans to be worn on Fridays, or if there is
inclement weather.
I proceeded with the question is there a code of ethics for facility? Tina responded that
yes there was. She also allowed me to view a copy of their code of ethics. Tina further stated

that she has made herself familiar with the code of ethics and continues to refer to it as to refresh
her mind on what is expected out of her daily. She went on by saying that anyone that is a
teacher already has their own code of ethics into practice. She feels that teachers want to be a
good role model for their students so that keeps teachers on their toes as far as our conduct and
action during our day. When I asked Tina if she felt that her formal education prepared her to
deal with ethical dilemmas, she was very quick to inform me that it did not. She feels that future
teachers and seasoned teachers need education in this area throughout their careers. This would
help each teacher to develop and conduct their selves in a manner that will give them positive
and caring reactions to students, parents, co-workers and the school system.
Next question I asked her was, what is one of the most common ethical dilemmas you
have encountered in your work? I was not ready for this response but I quickly learned that
some teachers are not professionals. Tina shared with me that a fellow colleague was informing
other teachers about a student in her class. How the parents came and acted very inappropriate
and told the teacher that their child did not have to participate in a classroom activity. This
particular teacher also shared the story with friends and family members. Of, course this
eventually got around to the parents and they went to the school board and complained. They
interviewed all the teachers at the school and they all had to make statements to the school board
and the courts. The school reprimanded the teacher. The parents were not satisfied with that so
they proceeded to file a slander suit against the teacher.
I asked her how she resolved this problem, which she admitted she is not a person that
gossips, and learned greatly how stories can get blown out of proportion. If she has any concerns
she makes an appointment with the principle and discuss them with her. She does not share or
include herself in stories among other teachers. She keeps her students and their progress private

and conducts herself in a professional manner. I then asked Tina what advice would she give a
young professional concerning how to deal with professional ethical dilemmas? Tina stated that
she would encourage a new teacher to make themselves familiar with their administrated code of
ethics, conduct themselves in a manner of good morals and avoid gossiping at all times.
When I asked Tina how she perceived the outlook for a teaching position she was very
positive for new teachers to obtain a job. She stated that there is a shortage of teachers right
now. She also stated some have a passion for teaching and a drive to make a difference in a
childs life. However, when they get into the real world of education and find that others do not
support them along with the lack of funds it makes it difficult to proceed in this profession.