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JON TESTER seein aunone ‘APPROPRATIONS ro ean Wnited States Senate manaaenas February 19, 2015 Ms, Barbara Carson, Acting Associate Adn Office of Veterans Business Development U.S. Small Business Administration 409 3rd Street, $.W. Suite 5700 Washington, DC 20416 RE: Veterans Business Outreach Center Program (Proposal No. VBOC-2015—02) I write in support of the Big Sky Economic Development Authority's application regarding locating the Veterans Business Outreach Center Program in Montana, ‘The VBOC grant fuels an economic engine to jumpstart veteran and active military small business efforts, The VBOC has been a well-respected resource since the 1990s and I look forward to working with it to deepen our services to veterans. I support the VBOC’s mission to ‘work with regional resource partners to serve clients at a higher level. | also support the program plan to bridge geographic gaps with online meeting options through web cam and video training. All of us must collaborate and work smarter. Montana is ready to do both Veterans earned the tools to find a good paying job when they come home, and VBOC is an excellent way to identify, reach, and support our military and veteran business owners, Montana is home to a large veteran population and we take pride in our continued efforts to ensure these men and women receive the support they have earned, whether itis improved health care or assistance in gaining employment. ‘Thank you for your attention to this proposal. If can provide any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me. Please inform my office of the eventual decision on this application, Sincerely, Jon Tester United States Senator Borers sure Gunove Grear Fass Hexen Kase (206) 586-2450 (406) 723-3277 (06) 365-2301 (05) 452-9585 (406) 449-5401 (406) 257-3360 Buunas Micsouwn (406) 252-0550 (405) 728-3003

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