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Evergreen: To be Forever Green

McMinnville, July 13, 2013: The Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, along with the Evergreen Theatre,
will be taking steps to revolutionize its systems.

These additions will reduce the cost of utilities at the

museums. With Evergreen Museums being non-profit, every dollar counts. Many of the additions include a
state of the art rain water collection system, upgraded bathrooms, and recycling bins.
The rain water system, produced by RainMaster, is a 30,000 gallon tank which acts as an
underground reservoir. The Rainwater wills runoff the Aviation Museum and dumps into the tank. This water
will be used to support the irrigation system. Within the next 5 years, this water will be usable within the
Museums and Theatre as both toilet and sink water with the addition of a filtration system.
At the current state of the buildings bathrooms, all seventy-five (75) toilets use 1.6 gallons of water
per flush. With an average of 657 thousand flushes per year, that is a total of 1.051 million gallons of water
each year. This can be decreased by thirty-one (31) percent or 329,200 gallons with new water efficient
toilets which flush at 1.1 gallons per flush. Hand-dryers will be the economic alternative to paper towels.
Dyson, the leader in high class electronics, produces a high powered hand-dryer that completely dries
hands in 12 second. This will eliminate the need for paper towels.
With these upgrades the museum will be taking steps to become LEED certified. LEED stands for
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum will be the only
LEED certified aviation museum in the world. With Evergreen already being first in many aspects, this will be
a testament to how Evergreen strives to lead in all aspects of its service.
Lastly, an addition of recycle bins around the building will show an increase of environmental
awareness; thus, decreasing the amount of waste leaving the building.

Many museum items can be

recycled. These include: exhibit papers and museum maps.

Conclusively speaking, Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum will be the leader of green
technology effectively reducing water usage and eliminating the need of paper towels in the bathrooms.
Over time, the saving will come to be a remarkable amount of money.