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Why learn about cancer? Research suggests that about 1 in 10 deaths in PNG is because of cancer. There is a very high chance that cancer will affect you or your fai If found early and treated quickly, cancer might be stopped and that could save your life or the life of one of your loved ones. Cf malignant cancer related hospital admissions 9% are Breast cancer. ‘This leaflet tells you about what to look for, and what you can do to lower the chance of cancer. Reading this might save a life, Your body is made up of tiny things called cells. Cancer is when cells change and grow out of contro This makes different things happen depending ‘on where the cells are in your body. In the case of breast cancer, most of the time (but not always) the multiplying cells make a ump in your breast. Sometimes cells from the Jump can break away and travel to other parts of the body, stating new problems. Not all breast lumps are cancer, but itis very important to get any lump in your breast checked by a doctor or nurse to find out if you need treatment if found and treated at an early stage, the spread of the cancer might be stopped - this could save your life and keep you here with your family as Sire otic lumpia my reat sol went tthe doctor Foruratey hah Spread anyunere sie but hast move fot had surgery, chemotherapy and ‘aoteray Ws ety ough onthe body bt eancenated on geting beter for my fami -and i” Wendy Because most but not all breast cancer starts as.alump, there are quite afew breast changes ‘that should be checked a = Pain or discomfort can be 2 sign of breast cancer bout his i are, “Most changes are not caused by cancer, but if you notice these or other changes to your breasts see a doctor or nurse, oh ge ¢ of getting cancer. cause cancer. Eat healthy food and exercise often to lower the chance of cancer. Can | get breast cancer? ‘You and others in your family can get breast cancer ‘99% of breast cancer occurs in women. 1% of breast cancer accurs in men. ‘You can get breast cancer at any age, butt is more common in women aver the age of 40. If your mother, sister or daughter has already had breast cancer, then you are more likely than someone else to have breast cancer. "Most breast cancer stil happens to women who don't have a celatve with breast cancer Ifyou have already had breast cancer, you are also ‘more likely to have breast cancer again If found early and treated quickly there is 2 better chance of survival How can | tell if | have breast cancer? what is normal for your breasts Look at them, and feel them all over once 2 month, , oF any other unusual changes to ‘your breasts, then For further resources about cancer prevention: Vat the Cancer Counc Australia website wu cancerorgau/preventingcancereduce-your wee You can also download 2 printable version ofthis and ther brochures from: wwseibdcom/CFPNG ‘Cancer Services in PNG Nationa Refer Services Port Moresby Genera Hopital Cancer Ward NG National Cancer Treatment Centre Telephone 72 6085 extention: 121, ‘Te Papua New Guinea Cancer Foundation (CFPNG} «working wth the National Department of Heath toaddress concern PNG Some of cur partners ae PNG institute of Meal Research Port Moresby General Hospital Cancer Ward Supported by lian esse MRQGRS Ald = ie ma CANCER FOUNDATION Papua New Guinea