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Why learn about cancer? Research suggests that about 1 in 10 deaths in PNG is because of cancer. There is a very high chance that cancer will affect you or your family. If found early and treated quickly, cancer might be stopped and that could save your life or the life of one of your loved ones. (Of malignant cancer related hospital admissions 15% are mouth cancer. ‘This leaflet tells you about what to look for, {and what you can do to lower the chance of cancer. Reading this might save a life. Your body is made up of tiny things called cell. Cancer is when cells change and grow out of, control. ‘This makes diferent things happen depending ‘on where the cells are in your body. Inthe case of mouth and throat cancer, most of the time the changing cells create a sore in your mouth that does not heal. This sore Usually starts as ared or white patch in your mouth, Cells from this area can break away and travel to other parts ofthe body, starting new problems. If found and treated at an early stage, the spread of the cancer might be stopped - this could save your life and keep you here with your family, Studies show that most mouth and throat cancer is caused by: Low immunity iuding HIV/AIDS Human Popilomavius esualy caught from ‘pen mouth kissing oF from oral sex Coa) Having had mouth or throat cancer belore ‘Sum exposure (causes cancer on the lip) ily History of mouth ‘orthroat cancer S Poor mouth deaniness ‘Chewing betel nut increases the chance ‘of getting cancer. oe ‘Smoking increases ‘ap the chance ¢ of getting cancer Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and regular exercise reduces the risk of getting some types of eancer. ‘What should | look for? Because most but not all mouth cancer stats asa red or white patch in the mouth there are quite a few changes that should be checked white or ed patchesin the mouth these can become Cancer fnot tented ‘rusual bleeding in los of feeling in your 2 sore (or ulcer hat mouth = A soc throat or voice change that stays fr more than sicweeke (heoat andor neck loose of teeth for no hardto swallow move T8500, yourmouth, or tak aan pain o discomfort in your ‘mouth or neck weight oss for no reason How can I tell if have mouth cancer? Getto know your mouth) Look all around it in the mirror, including above and below your tongue, in good light. IFyou can get a small mirror and use it to look inside as well, ‘even better. Do this at least once a month. ‘Most changes are not caused by cancer, but if you notice any ofthe above when you are doing your check and they don't go away within theee weeks, see a doctor or nurse. Protect your family Don't chew betel nut. Don't smoke, Reduce alcoho. Eathealthy, Exercise regularly. For further resources about cancer prevention: Vist the Cancer Counal Australia webste: wav cancer ovgau/preveningcancer/educe-your- sk ‘ou an also download a printable version ofthis and other brochures rom: wus com/CFPNG (Cancer Services in PNG Nationa Referral Services Port Moresby General Hospital Cancer Ward Telephone: 3248162 PNG National Cancer Treatment Centre Telephone 872 6085 exteton: 122 About us ‘The Papua New Guines Cancer Foundation (CFPNG) le working with the National Department of Health tw adress cancer PNG. Some of our partners ae fos NG National Cancer Treatment Centre PNG nsitte of Medial Research PNG Women’s Doctors Astocation Port Moresby General Hostal Cancer Ward Supportes by: AP xcs: mm 2 CANCER FOUNDATION samingeanleieicn eos Papua New Guinea