Silimperi Council Rock High School South AP Psychology

Name: _________________ Date: _________________ Chapter 7- Sci. American Article

1. What is the name of the book about dreams, written by Freud in 1900? 2. How did Freud describe dreams and their purpose?

3. What 3 items did Winson study to show that dreams are meaningful?

4. How does Winson describe dreams as evolutionary mechanisms?

5. When was the sleep cycle discovered/ studied in depth? 6. What is SLOW WAVE SLEEP?

7. How do we measure brain waves? 8. Describe some characteristics of REM sleep:

9. HOW does REM Sleep change over the course of the night?

10. What did Hobson and McCarley propose? Explain in your own words.

11. How did Crick and Mitchison try to explain dreams and their purpose?

12. Who discovered THETA RHYTHM? 13. How does the nature of REM support an evolutionary argument?

14. True / false: dreams take on the form of verbal narration. 15. When are dreams most readily remembered?

16. Give some of Winson’s examples of the types of dreams people have:

17. Explain the results of the dream experiment dealing with couples going through divorce:

18. How many hours do newborns spend in REM? 19. What function does REM SLEEP play in infants?

20. Finally, what is Winson’s explanation on the purpose of dreams?

21. Whose ideas do YOU most agree with? EXPLAIN in your own words.

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