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Lesson Planning Template

Student Teacher: Chelsea Hillard

Date of lesson: 4/6/15

Class name: 10-12th Grade Choir

District: Canton City

School: Timken High School

Start time: 2:30
End time: 3:15
Information about the class:
Grade levels in this class: This class is comprised of grades ten through twelve.
Special modifications and/or accommodations for exceptional students:
Modifications are made for students that have reading disabilities. I will use modeling
in order for them to learn the words, so that they are not expected to read along.

Learning Central Focus:

Central Focus: Reviewing Best Day of My Life, reviewing I Smile. Learning and
solidifying harmonies in Were All In This Together.
National Music Standards addressed: Singing, alone and with others, a varied
repertoire of
Ohio Fine Arts Standards addressed: 2PR Prepare and accurately perform a
varied repertoire
of ensemble music.
Student Learning Goal(s)/ Objective(s)
Students will have their materials ready and be engaged the entire class period.
Students will be able to hold their own line in the music when the ensemble is split
into four parts for each song. Students will be able to remember and correctly sing
Best Day of My Life, while successfully performing all transitions in the piece from
memory. Students will progress in their knowledge of Were All In This Together by
correctly learning their appropriate notes. Students will be able to successfully sing
the harmonies in the chorus sections of I Smile, while singing the whole piece from
Prior Academic Knowledge and Conceptions
Students should be familiar with their sections part in all three of the pieces we are
singing. Best Day of My Life and I Smile should be memorized.
Common Errors, Developmental Approximations, Misconceptions, Partial
Understandings, or Misunderstandings
It is common that my students forget what their part sounds like in a song, because
most of them do not read music. Also, some of them are not actually able to follow
along with the words correctly, because they have reading deficiencies. For both of
these reasons, if I can tell students are struggling I will model what they are
supposed to be singing (both the words and notes) so that they can learn the part by

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Equipment and/or Technology to be used: White board, white board markers,

risers and a piano
Repertoire to be used: The warm ups I will use are:
1) Oo-oo-oo, open to ah-ah-ah (1-5-1)
2) Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya (5-4-3-2-1)
3) Sit on a potato pan Otis sits on a potato pan Otis sits on a potato pan
4) Red letter yellow leather red letter yellow leather red letter yellow leather red

Were All In This TogetherArranged by Alan Billingsley; Music and Words by Matthew
Gerard and Robbie Nevil; Hal Leonard
Best Day of My LifeArranged by Andy Beck; Music and Words by Zachary Marnett,
James Adam Shelley, Matthew Sanchez, Daivd Rublin, Shep Goodman, and Aaron
Accetta; Alfred Music
Aquarius/Let the SunshineArranged by Greg Giplin; Music by Galt MacDermot;
Words by James Rado and Gerome Ragni; Alfred Music
I SmileWords and Music by Kirk Franklin, Frederick Tackett, James Harris, and Terry
Lewis; Hal Leonard

Procedures & Activities

1) Ask students to get their folders out and wait for them to stand on the risers
(could take up to five minutes)
2) Focus builder
3) Warm ups
Zing a mama
Sit on a potato pan
Do do do re mi fa so
Red letter yellow leather
4) Sight reading
Two 3-part melodies
5) Best Day of My Life
Review whole song and focus on melodic sections
Sing entire song with music accompaniment track
Fix issues
6) I Smile
Review whole song and focus on melodic sections
Sing entire song with music accompaniment track
Fix issues
7) Were All In This Together
Learn and solidify harmonies
Sing entire song with minimum piano accompaniment
Fix issues
8) If time permits: Aquarius/Hair
Focus on individual melodies
Sing entire song with music accompaniment track
Fix issues

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Structured Practice and Application

Time allocations

How will you give students the opportunity to practice so you can provide feedback?
I will provide students with feedback every time I stop a section to fix issues or give
How will students apply what they have learned?
All of the songs my students will be working on will be performed at the Canton All
City choir performance
How will you determine if students are meeting the intended learning objectives?
I will know if students are meeting the intended learning objectives if I see that they
are putting
in their best effort during the entire class period.

Differentiation/ Planned Support

Individual students: One of my female students reads at an extremely low level, so I
will give him extra time to think about the words and will shout out cues for what is
coming next in the music.
Strategies for responding to common errors and misunderstandings, developmental
approximations, misconceptions, partial understandings, and/or misunderstandings:
Typically my students can sing their harmonies when they are isolated, but
sometimes get confused when they are in a chord structure, so I will try to have
harmonies sing by themselves and then gradually add in other harmonies one by

Academic Language Demand(s)

What language function do you want students to develop in this lesson? What must
students understand in order to be intellectually engaged in the lesson?
Students must understand vocal terminology such as singing flat or sharp.
They must have a general understanding of terms involving dynamics as well.
What are your students abilities with regard to the oral and written language
associated with this lesson?
A fair amount of my students dont read at grade level, but that wont be too
much of a problem since they have already learned the words to the songs we
will be working on.
How will you support students so they can understand and use the language
associated with the language function and other demands in meeting the learning
objectives of the lesson?
If students are unclear of what a word means I will supply them with multiple
simple definitions of the word.
Evaluation and Assessments:
What types of evaluation and/or assessment tools do you plan to use for your lesson?
Will assessment by (X) formative or ( ) summative?

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How do you plan to evaluate and assess your students based upon your goals and
I will visually recognize if students are participating in the lesson and listen for their
vocal success.
What steps will you take to insure that your students know that they have been
successful in reaching your goals and objectives?
Every time I stop sections I will either discuss what went wrong or let them
know if what they sang was correct.




Student did
Student did
participate in
in the entire participate in
the lesson
lesson while
the lesson
Student sang Student did
all three
not sing all
songs to the three songs
best of their to the best of
ability (from their ability
memory, if
supposed to
memory, if
supposed to

Student did
sing all three
songs to the
best of their
ability (from
memory, if
supposed to

Student fixed Student did

Student did
vocal issues if not fix vocal
fix vocal
they were
issues if they issues if they

Teacher reflections (to be completed after you finish teaching the lesson).
What worked?
What didnt?
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For whom?

Adjustments (What instructional changes do you need to make as you prepare for
the lesson tomorrow?)

Justification (Why will these changes improve student learning? What research/
theory supports these changes?)

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