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Design & Direct moves

Create & Deliver Lessons

Just as choreographers need to design and
direct moves, a teachers main role is to create
and deliver lessons. It is important for me, as an
educator, to have firm curricular content
knowledge but also to have creativity with the
curriculum. Just as you need vision in
choreographing, I believe that teachers also
need to have to visiona vision that would
guide us to prioritize objectives, activities, and
topics to be learned based on importance and
relevance. Creativity and flexibility are
important values for me; I believe they lead to
greater understandings and progress.
State the vision. Model. Practice.

Teaching is

Get to Know the Learners &


Design & Direct

I am of the belief that teaching is all about the

learner. I have worked with students with
various needs and abilities, including students
with autism. I always try my best to learn more
about my studentstheir different capabilities,
and interests. Every lesson should be tailored
to the needs of the students. I have learned to
take into account multiple Intelligences,
learning styles and learner differences. I
believe in having all students meet success and
in making that possible through providing
appropriate support and instructional as well
as environmental accommodations.
Some people learn through watching a
demonstration, others by listening, and still others by
doing. Warnecke (2013)

Teacher Qualities Important to Me

Engage & Motivate Learners

Whether it be choreographing or teaching,
engaging learners is the key. I saw in my
practicum experiences that management issues
arise most frequently when students are bored
or disinterested. I believe in keeping high
expectations for my students, anticipating
needs, and using teaching strategies that
promote student engagement. When students
are given more agency and choice and see the
value in the things being learned, their
engagement level increases (Kosnik & Beck,
2009). In my practice teaching, I took the classs
interest in soccer and implemented a 2014 FIFA
World Cup activity on determining the countries
that made it to the round of 16 by figuring out
their +/- scores. (grade 7 integer unit).

Flexible & Creative
Respectful & Caring
Both choreographers and teachers are
leaders. Leaders have the power to make a
difference. I always strive to be a flexible,
creative, respectful, and caring educator
who believes in the potential of success for
every student and who supports the
realization of such potential through great
teaching, helpful support, engaging learners
and building a strong class community.
There are endless scenarios that can throw
you off course. Your ability to cope and
adjust is a must.James (2013)

Building Community in the classroom

Community building, where dancers can help
one another, is crucial for successful dance
practices and performances. In a strong class
community, everyone is a winner, and if one
fails, the class fails. Everyone will feel like
they belong and that they are an important
part of the class: Inclusion means making
them feel part of the social and academic life
of the class and of the broader community
(Hutchinson, 2013). I strive towards building
a positive and safe learning environment for
all students in my class. I always start by
building a positive rapport with my students
and modeling respect and inclusion. I deem
human interaction among students
important for helping them learn social skills.

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