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Observation Task 4 Classroom Management: Managing Behavior

Focus: Classroom Management Strategies

The objective of this task is for student teachers to begin to understand the importance of
being proactive in order to manage the classroom behavior effectively so that learning can take
place. An effective teacher uses many strategies to manage the behavior in the classroom so
that learning can take place. This week we are taking a general look at these various strategies.
In the weeks to come, we will focus on some of the most important behavior management

Look and listen for the Classroom Management Strategies we
discussed in class. Make a note in the table below.
Management Tactic

1. Organizing a productive classroom

Can students all see the board?

Does the teacher move children to
different seats if they are noisy or
Is it easy for everyone to walk around the

2. Classroom Rules and Procedures

Are rules stated in the positive form?

Are there no more than 5 rules
Are rules clear and everyone understands?

3. Positive Greetings at the door

How does your MST greet the students

when they arrive?

4. Managing independent work

Examples of what you saw or heard

Everybody in the classroom can see the board
because it's in the middle. When some students
are noisy teacher move them to control with the
other students and continue the lesson. Also
Teacher organized the classroom well to make
sure the students can walk around the
Rules are clear on the board and students can
understand it. Everyday teacher remind students
about it. For example:
1.we promise to kind
3.have good listening ears. friends with everyone.
Teacher greet all students when they come by
telling hi baby, hi my sweet heart and start kissing
and huge them.
There are independent works, teacher divide
students and make groups so each group do

Is there some independent seatwork

throughout the day
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Does the teacher give clear instructions?

Does the teacher have extra work for the
kids who finish early?

5. Communication

Does the teacher praise often?

What does she say?
If the teacher reprimands (opposite of
praise), is it very short and not many

6. Teach and Model Behavior

Does the teacher teach and model the

behavior she expects? (for example, if she
wants the students to listen while others
are speaking, does she do the same?)

7. Teacher Proximity (closeness)

Does the teacher move through out the

Does she stand near those who are not

8. Motivation System

Is there a reward system in the class?

Is it effective? dojo

9. Goal Setting

Does the teacher set goals for the classs

behavior? (Does she say something like,
OK, today we are all going to get smiley
faces?) good boy

Something's like: make litters with clay, painting

shapes. When the group finished, teacher doesnt
give them extra works.

When students do some things good, teacher

encourage them by praise them. For example:
good boy, wow, fantastic. However, sometime
students do some things bad, teacher feel angry
and upset so for example she tell them: your
nutty, I will not play with you again, I will less
your mark from DOJO.

Last week, when the teacher speak with students,

they respect her and listening because when
students speak she do the same.
When the teacher start teaching students, she
move around the class to make sure everybody is
focusing however if some of them not focus she
try to be near of them to take their attention.
The great reward for all students in the classroom
is DOJO. Its a point of how their behavior in the
classroom also the teacher rewards her students
during the class by putting sticker in their hand.
Teacher focuses in behavior of students and she
try to set goals such as: good girl, excellent, wow,
smart boy.

10. Visual schedule posted?

11. Cuing system to gain control of the

There is no schedule posted

Teacher get students attention by clap her hand

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Does your teacher clap her hands or sing a

song to get the students attention? How
does she get their attention at the
beginning or end of an activity?

12. 5 to 1 ratio of positive to negative

comments and interactions?

Does your MST say many more positive

things than negative?

13. Smiling?
Does your MST smile at the children

hug students and tell them to song with her and


Teacher never says negative comments because

they are still kids just she threat her students by
telling them I will less your DOJO while most the
time she tell them excellent\good boy
Teacher smile every time for the students so they
feel more comfortable and they smile directly.

often? How do the children react?

14. Student answering questions

Does your teacher give everyone a chance

to answer questions?

Teacher tries to give everyone chance to answer

even if it's wrong.

This week, observe two children: one who has excellent behavior and one who does not.
Write a paragraph comparing the two. Notice how the teacher interacts with both of them.
Watch how the children react when they are praised or reprimanded.

Watch how they both act when they are learning or working in groups.
What is the effect on the entire class when a child misbehaves?
Write several sentences about what you observed and what you think about it.
Which strategies does your teacher use with these children that you think are most effective in
managing the behavior?

Today I observe two students one of them is good but another

one is weak. Good student is Roudha and weak student is
Fatema. When the teacher praised those students, they feel
comfortable and happy so they jump to their teacher and hug
her. However if the teacher reprimand them, fatema doesnt
listening while Roudha motivates to know why her teacher
reprimand her to change her self . They act well when they
learning or working in groups but Fatema feel sleepy because
She is lazy. If student's misbehavior that can affect everything
such a: they will not respect the teacher, will not follow rules
and effect on other good students. For example, one student
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Teaching Practicum Booklet 1a 2015

every time interrupts the teacher and those effects on other

students do some so some students want to do the same. Every
teacher has strategies to manage the behavior. For example: my
teacher use DOJO to control the class and manage their
Answer the following questions.

Why is it important to be PROACTIVE when trying to manage the behavior in your class?

What is the effect on the students if there is a lot of misbehavior in the classroom?

Which of the behavior management strategies do you think are the most important
ones? Why?

Which classroom management strategy do you think you will do particularly well? Why?

Which one do you think will be difficult for you to do?

Which one does your MST do really well?

Every teacher should be ready and active when she\he trying to

manage the behavior in the class. Each class has misbehavior students
however the teacher should know how to control those students
because if she\he leave them they will effect on other quite students
so the class will be too noisy and students will not respect others.
Positive reinforcement good behavior by using DOJO to encourage
students and be more active . In my point of view, when I will be a
teacher my strategy will be encourage students by giving them some
stickers or some chocolate but the difficult thing is play with all
students. My MST is really well on DOJO because her students dont
think about stickers or some gifts they just think about their DOJO.

HCT Bachelor of Applied Science EDUCATION

Teaching Practicum Booklet 1a 2015

HCT Bachelor of Applied Science EDUCATION

Teaching Practicum Booklet 1a 2015