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Response Letter

Thank you for letting me know how you felt after reading my article, Alex. It was
really helpful that you told me your opinion as a European! It cannot be more valuable for me
because I could be confident that I did not choose my way wrong. I really loved your
suggestion about adding Latin America other than Europe, but I was afraid that it might make
my article too long. Nevertheless, it was a great and exciting idea I really considered by the
last moment. And your suggestion of adding soccer-related pictures did a great job for
completing my article! I appreciate your precious opinions.
Thank you so much for your advice Shiyu. I was just thinking about posting my
article on Forbes but I could realize that I can also post it on a Business journal site. As you
mentioned as well, I also made my context note include more specific analysis of my
audience. I would not have finished my writing if I did not have your peer review. I
appreciate your suggestions once again.

Context Note
This is an article advising American business travelers who are going to Europe for
meeting their business partners. Business travelers are people who need to go abroad to
strengthen business of their company and their destination is the country of their existing or
potential business partner. One of the most important skills to do it successfully is
interpersonal skill of travelers; when business partners feel the business traveler is nice and
trustable, they will think the company of him/her is also trustable. On the other hand, the
partners would decide not to work together if the traveler talked inappropriately. Therefore,
they want to know adorable topics for business partners and to avoid uncomfortable subjects
for the partners. The main topic that this article suggests is Global Football since it is the
most popular sport in Europe, they would like the business travelers if they look interested in

The main purposes of this article are helping American business travelers to
understand importance of the football for Europeans and introducing how to start
conversation about it. It first explains why the topic is important by proving how much soccer
is famous in Europe. After that, some topics are introduced to help business travelers to make

conversation about football. To keep interest of the audience, some pictures are added in this
article and captions under the pictures let them know some interesting topics related to
football which probably can attract attention of their business partners. The article is
supposed to be posted on websites such as Forbes or and is designed close

to Forbes format.

Global Football, The Best Topic That

Helps Your Business Trip In Europe Be

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Have you watched Super Bowl games? Of course you have because football is the
Gyunghoe Koo

most popular sport for Americans and it brings great economic effects;
commercials during Super Bowl cost millions of dollars for one minute

since it guarantees over 100 million viewers as you all know. However, another football is
the most famous sport in Europe. And, like American football, basketball, baseball, and ice
hockey, soccer is a significant part of culture and businesses in Europe. If you are preparing

to make a successful business trip, it will be a magic topic to make smooth conversations
with your business partners; most of Europeans are huge fans of soccer and it is important to
understand their cultural background to build good relationships with them. Since the topic is
supposed to satisfy European business partners, let me follow the European way and use the
word football instead of soccer before we
get started. Now, if you are still not sure
how much Europeans weigh football in
their lives, let me show you about them
Football Enrooted in Europeans Life
European countries do not share

Interesting Topic 1. A star player of 'Real Madrid' in Spain

Primera Liga, Cristiano Ronaldo recently scored 5 goals in
ONE game against 'Granada', also in Primera Liga, and his
team won the match by 9:1.

their leagues but have their own and also different rules. There are five major leagues in the
world and they are England Premier League,

Spain Primera

Liga, Italy Serie A, Germany Bundesliga, and

France Ligue 1. However, it is also important to
know which city he or she is from. Like
Americans, Europeans tend to support teams
from their hometown. They also have rivalry
between certain teams and sometimes are not

Interesting Topic 2. One of the most expensive

sports players in the world, Gareth Bale transferred
from 'Tottenham' of England Premier League to 'Real
Madrid' and the transfer fee was 100 million Euros
which is the world record so far.

friendly to each other like supporters of New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. The most
famous rival clubs are FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF and when they have a match
against each other, the match even has a name, El Clsico and of course, the prices of tickets
are expensive.
The passion of Europeans for football also can be seen payments related to the sport.

In May, 2012, the top four of the highest paying teams of any sport in the world were soccer
teams according to The Soccer Mom Manual1. Also, a
famous player, Gareth Bale transferred from his
original team to a new team at price of 100 million
euros in 2013; it is worth 108 million dollars. Prices of
season tickets cannot be forgotten; in 2014, price of the
cheapest season ticket in England Premiere League
was 299 euros and the most expensive price was
2,013 euros. They are worth about 323 dollars and

Interesting Topic 3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a star player of

Paris Saint Germain in France League 1, has tattoos all
over his upper body and they are names of 50 starving
children. He does his goal celebration by taking his shirt
off believing it will remind people that there are many
starving children in the world.

2,179 dollars respectively and they are only for one season. Also, price of the cheapest ticket
for El Clsico is 140 euros, which worth about 151 US dollars. Europeans are willing to buy
those expensive tickets to watch football games in stadiums, not on TV.

Starting Conversation With Interesting Topics

What are good ways to start to talk about football? To talk about FIFA World Cup is a
great way to start the conversation. World Cup is a huge event for worldwide football fans
and there are many issues: Germans will love to talk about the most recent World Cup in
2014 which they became the champion; some Spanish people might remember how they felt
if you mention Neymar da Silva, who belongs to one of the most famous Spanish football
clubs, Barcelona FC, had been injured for months in a World Cup match; for most of football
fans, Pele is an absolute topic if you want something funny to talk about. As it is mentioned
in the caption right above, what he talks barely happen. For example, he said that Spain
1 The Soccer Mom Manual is a website which provides information about soccer for parents of
American youth soccer players.

would probably be the champion of World Cup in 2014 but they could not even go to the best
16 even though Spain was FIFA ranking #1 at
that time. After that, he predicted the champion
again and it was Netherland who beat Spain by
5:1. However, Argentina won against Netherland
and Pele got his prediction wrong again. It will
definitely give your business partners a laugh.
After heating up the conversation with

Interesting Topic 4. Pele, who is one of the best

football players in history and a football hero of
Brazil, often predicts results of football match
but they ALWAYS go wrong.

World Cup topics, you can drag episodes or issues related to clubs or specific players to
attract your business partners in the conversation: fans of Real Madrid will love to hear about
Cristiano Ronaldo, who was awarded Ballon dOr2 this year and has scored 38 goals in 28
games in this season; many football fans would be interested in a story 22-year-old young star
player, Paul Pogba of Juventus in Italy Serie A, who is attracting many clubs attention and
might end up transferring with new record transfer fee; Spain Primera Liga fans will be proud
that England Premier League top 4 teams all failed to reach the best 8 in UEFA Champions
League3 while 3 of top 4 Spanish clubs survived through the best 8. Big stars transfer issues
and great performances are always interesting topic football fans want to talk about. Also, if
you show your knowledge about UEFA Champions League, I can assure you that they will be

2 Ballon dOr is an annual reward for a football player who performed best. The winner is chosen
based on votes from football coaches, captains, and journalists.
3 Clubs from different countries do not usually have matches each other but Top 3 or 4 club teams of
each European league are gathered to UEFA Champions League every year. It is the greatest honor for
a team to be the champion of this league since it means the club is the best in Europe for the year. It
is like World Cup for European football fans.

Further Information Sources

The most popular sport in Europe, global football is a big part of Europeans life.
Issues mentioned in this article are just a part of them and you will be able to find more
information at,, or The most important factor that determines result of the business
trips is probably completeness of the business plan and contract conditions. However,
building personal relationship also significantly affects the result. I wish your successful
business travel and, believe me! You will find out the information is efficiently helpful for
your trips in Europe. Get ready and good luck!