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October 8th 2014

Nicole Stata 1003838

Assignment 1: You are The Subject

Step 1:
The positive self-care behavior I will be focusing on increasing regular exercise frequency.
Step 2:
Currently my exercise schedule is not as good as it could be, basically it is non-existent. I
used to work out frequently but I hurt my hip randomly one day so I stopped running on my
tread mill and doing strength exercises. Ever since, I have dreaded working out, even though I
know in my heart that I truly want to start up again. Every time I tell myself Lets go on the
treadmill! or how about a nice walk around down by the lake? It turns into, Hey remember
that ice cream thats in the fridge? I do get physical activity from work, climbing three flights of
stairs at school and just playing with my dog but, thats as far as it goes. I am excited to jump
back into an exercise routine, I do believe living a healthy lifestyle is important and pays off in
the long haul.
What I hope to achieve is a start to a permanent workout routine. This may be the push
that I need to get back into that rhythm that I had before. I will start off slow and hopefully get
back into the swing of things like I before.
Step 3:
My plan is to work out every other day as following the same workout routine every day isnt
an efficient -- or healthy -- approach to building a specific set of muscles or losing weight.
(Turner, para.1) I plan on doing both a mix of cardio and strength to help tone and to help gain
muscle. Many of the articles that I found told me to make exercise to my limit and to stop when I
need to. My plan is to do at least 30 minutes of cardio per day and then a few strength exercises,
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October 8th 2014

Nicole Stata 1003838

also stretching each morning to ground my thoughts by stretching and intentionally breathing.
(Bowen, para.1) I believe this will get me back on track as this was the approach that I used
Behavioural Perspective
I will start off slowly to get my body used to exercising and as I get used to the feeling,
my body will become conditioned to the pain. I will be able to do more as my body becomes
more conditioned.
To assist my workout goals, I have found a YouTube channel that is designed for a
healthy living style, and that YouTube channel is Blogilates. This channel is run by a certified
fitness instructor, Cassey Ho, .
Step 4:
Monday 29th
Steps taken: 12 587
Stretched in the
Walked/jogged on
treadmill for 30
10 sit ups x2
5 pushups x2
10 squats x3
Plank for 30
1.5L of water

Wednesday 1st
Friday 3rd
Steps taken: 13
Steps taken: 15
Stretched in
Stretched in
the morning
the morning
Took dog for
Jogged on
an hour walk
treadmill for
Jogged on
30 minutes

10 sit ups x3
treadmill for
5 pushups
15 minutes
10 sit ups x3
5 pushups
30 squats x3
Plank 1
20 squats x3
Plank for 45
2L of water
1.5L of

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Sunday 5th
Steps taken: 16 384
Stretched in the
Jogged on
treadmill for 30
victoria secret
- Russian twists
- 1 legged seat
shimmies x16
-V crunch x18
- crunch x16
- single legged vups x8
- Roll up x3
-Reverse crunch

October 8th 2014

Nicole Stata 1003838

-butterfly push
thrus x36
-Mini donuts x17
- Big donuts x13
- Single leg drops
2L of water

Step 5:
I am overjoyed to be back exercising and I can honestly say that I feel better about myself
already, even though it has only been a week. I now feel the need to go jogging and to try to eat
healthy because of how my body is reacting to the new treatment. By the end of this week, I feel
like I have conditioned my behaviour I definitely would call this experiment a success. I was
able to condition my body back to how I was previously and now I want to work out as much as
I can as it makes me feel much better in general.
Step 6:
In conclusion, I am grateful for this project and thrilled with my findings. I do believe
that it helped me out a lot, firstly, with my behaviour. My body now feels much more energized
and I feel like I can do a lot more in one day then I was able to before. Looking at biological, my
thought process seems to be much faster and I am able to retain much more information during
my classes. I do recommend doing this for your own benefit as it helped me track my exercise
and put me on a schedule.

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October 8th 2014

Nicole Stata 1003838

Steps and mark value

Step Two
Step Three

Student Evaluation
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Part 2:

Step Four
Step Five
Step Six
Quality of writing
Total Mark

Professor Evaluation


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