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ARP 620: Student Affairs in Higher Education

Artifact of Learning
Danny Oliveira
San Diego State University


The course assignment that I chose to demonstrate my learning

in this course is a digital storytelling project entitled My Place at the
U. This project included the production of a 4 minute video depicting
my experience at the university and the factors in my life that led to
where I am today. Through this project I have expanded my skills to
include video technology. I created the project on iMovie and uploaded
it to YouTube.
I selected this artifact to demonstrate my learning in the course
because it was a uniquely creative way to reflect upon my own journey
through higher education. This project enabled me to realize how my
life experiences have influenced my multicultural competence.
Through this video I have not only shared my undergraduate
experience but my prior success as a student affairs professional as
well. Completion of this project was a hurdle that I overcame in my
first semester back at the university after nearly ten years. The
introspection and self-reflection involved in this assignment really
confirmed that I have made the right decision in returning to a career
in higher education.
This artifact most clearly demonstrated the course learning
outcome of Students will be able to communicate ideas and concepts
effectively in both written and spoken work, as well as through creative
use of technology. Learning to use video technology initially was a
challenge that is now a new skill to add to my resume (PLO 10). To a
lesser extent, it also demonstrates the course learning outcome of


Students will be able to articulate and apply the foundational

principles of access, equity, and student success. Reflecting on my
experiences through high school and my undergraduate years
reminded me of the struggles that many students face in the transition
into college and adapting to life at a predominantly white institution
(PLO 3). My fraternity was faced with inequities as a Latino-based
organization that was not served by the university in the same ways
that other fraternities were at the time. Challenging the system and
working towards equity for ourselves and other student organizations
like ours was an experience of self-empowerment that led me to a
career in student affairs (PLO 8).
This artifact was a demonstration of my professional goal of
further developing my skills and strengths in order to become a highly
competitive candidate for student affairs positions. I developed a new
skill of video production. I wouldnt have expected to learn this skill in
attaining this degree and Im thankful that Dr. Hernandez assigned this
creative project. This project also allowed me to reflect on my
strengths as a culturally competent student affairs professional with
unique mentoring and advising experiences. My own experiences as a
college student have informed my practice and are the source of my
unique perspective relative to cultural competency and student
This artifact was a step towards my personal goal of completing


every course in this program. In my previous time in the program, I

had some grades of Incomplete because of major projects and writing
assignments that I was not able to submit for completion. This project
was initially daunting and I procrastinated in getting started on it. This
was a pattern that led to these issues of incomplete courses.
Completion of this project was a large step towards my personal goal
of being committed and fully engaged in my education and personal
growth. Prior to this project, I was still in a state of transition back into
graduate level coursework. I was struggling through a period of selfdoubt and uncertainty about my career path. This project was the
spark that reignited my passion for student affairs and my selfconfidence and pride for what I have accomplished in this profession.