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One-Hour Technology Workshop

Lesson Plan
Implementing the Google Classroom
by Lorissa Crumley
Learning Objectives:

Participants will explore the Google Classroom Web 2.0 Tool to gain knowledge
and awareness of how to navigate the basic features of the Classroom.
Participants will discover ways to maximize the implementation of Google
Classroom into the high-school setting to increase student achievement, ensure
differentiation, and improve the overall classroom management.
Participants will become familiar with the ISTE (NETS) technology standards for
teachers and students and how these standards are directly tied to the common
core standards for learning.

NETS T Standards:
STD 2: Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and
Teachers design, develop, and evaluate authentic learning experiences and
assessment incorporating contemporary tools and resources to maximize content
learning in context and to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes identified
in the NETSS.
a. Design or adapt relevant learning experiences that incorporate digital tools and
resources to promote student learning and creativity.
b. Develop technology-enriched learning environments that enable all students to
pursue their individual curiosities and become active participants in setting their
own educational goals, managing their own learning, and assessing their own
c. Customize and personalize learning activities to address students diverse
learning styles, working strategies, and abilities using digital tools and resources.

STD 5: Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

Teachers continuously improve their professional practice, model lifelong
learning, and exhibit leadership in their school and professional community by
promoting and demonstrating the effective use of digital tools and resources.
a. Participate in local and global learning communities to explore creative
applications of technology to improve student learning.
b. Exhibit leadership by demonstrating a vision of technology infusion, participating
in shared decision making and community building, and developing the
leadership and technology skills of others.
c. Evaluate and reflect on current research and professional practice on a regular
basis to make effective use of existing and emerging digital tools and resources in
support of student learning.


Laptop or desktop computers with Internet Access will use computer lab
Workshop Agenda (located on workshop website)
Implementing the Google Classroom Handouts (located on workshop website)
Weebly website:

Workshop Procedures:
1. As participants enter computer lab, the workshop agenda is displayed on the
interactive whiteboard Screen.
2. Introduce workshop with brief discussion about classroom management,
differentiation, and improving student achievement. Inform participants they
will learn how to implement Google Classroom for overall classroom
improvement. (5 minutes)
3. Instruct participants to go to website to view agenda.
( Go over agenda. (5 minutes)
4. Instructor navigates through workshop website and allows participants to the
chance to view what Google Classroom is all about. (5 minutes)
5. Participants log in to their Google account. Instructor demonstrates how to
navigate to the Google Classroom. If needed, view the YouTube video on setting
up Google Classroom. Otherwise, instructor demonstrates how to get classes set
up in the classroom (changing theme, inviting students to join, turn off
notifications, etc). (10 minutes)
6. Instructor demonstrates posting notes/replying to notes, posting
assignments/grading assignments, returning graded assignments, etc. Allow
participants time for hands on practice. Handouts/slides located on workshop
website for additional help. (15 minutes)
7. Instructor demonstrates creating a quiz in Google Forms. YouTube video is
posted on workshop website as well. Participants practice creating questions in
Google Forms. (15 minutes)

8. Participants complete evaluation survey located on the workshop website. (5


Participants will complete the post workshop evaluation survey located on the
workshop website. Responses will be reviewed and analyzed by the instructor. The
instructor, to determine knowledge and understanding of the Google Classroom by the
workshop participants, will conduct periodic informal observations and provide feedback
or additional training as necessary.