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Christine M.

2266 Grand Ave #5
San Diego, CA 92109

9 March 2015
Hayward Unified School District
Dear Hayward Unified School District Hiring Committee,
I am writing to express my sincere interest in the Counselor position. Hayward Unified School
District fosters schools that provide an environment for students to grow academically,
artistically, personally, athletically, and within a community of diverse people. My skills, beliefs
and experience make me a great fit to become part of your school community as the Counselor.
As a University Ambassador, also known as Poly Reps, at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, I was able
to accomplish two things that I lovedpromoting the amazing university I attended, and aiding
students in the decision-making process of choosing a college. By spending three years working
within the Admissions Office, I was able to learn so much about the application and admission
process into a university. Giving tours to over 30,00 perspective students and families each year
was our most well known job, but it only scratched the surface of what I was able to do. During
my final year, I sat on the Executive Board of Poly Reps as the School Visits and Presentations
Chair. This position allowed me to pursue my dreams of working in secondary schools, while
also fulfilling my love of admissions. I organized our STORM programwhere a group of Poly
Reps storm over 30 high schools in California to give Cal Poly admission presentations to
students. Additionally, our Hometown Heroes program needed revamping, which I took on
before I graduated. This was a way for local elementary, middle, and high schools to be visited
by Cal Poly ambassadors, athletes, and students to learn all about the life of a college student.
After graduating from Cal Poly with my B.S in Child Development and a minor in Psychology, I
made the transition straight into graduate school. I am currently finishing up my program at San
Diego State University. In May, I will graduate with my Masters of Science in Counseling, with
a specialization in School Counseling, as well as my PPS credential. These past two years have
prepared me to work in any K-12 school setting as part of an educational team. While I have
been able to gain a tremendous amount of experience working in several different schools, I
think my experience at San Diego State University, Westview High School, La Jolla Country
Day, and The Childrens School really exemplifies the skills I have learned that I would be able
to take into the Counselor position within Hayward Unified School District.
In my counseling program at San Diego State University, we have a strong focus on creating a
data-driven comprehensive school-counseling program. Through my practicum and fieldwork
experiences, I have created groups, core curriculums, and individual interventions because of the
specific needs found through data. Specifically, at Westview High School, we saw a strong need
for the 9th graders to be introduced to Naviance for post-secondary preparation early on. We have
presented to all 9th grade students, and we have already seen an increase in the use of Naviance
services including college and career searches. Throughout the next few weeks, we will evaluate
our data to see what can be improved for next time.

Christine M. Connolly
2266 Grand Ave #5
San Diego, CA 92109

Working in the counseling office at Westview has allowed me to work as part of a strong
educational leadership team. I have consistent communication with the Assistant Principals and
other Counselors in order to best serve our students. Additionally, because of the student
population at Westview, the parents and families are very involved in the students lives. This
provides me with opportunities to have daily parent conversations and occasional meetings. The
counseling skills I have developed throughout this year have really given me the interpersonal
communication and collaboration skills I need to succeed as a part of a team at a highperforming school.
Working part-time throughout this school year at The Childrens School, as well as last summer
at La Jolla Country Day has developed my ability of working in a variety of school settings.
Growing up, I switched schools three times in grades K-12, so I have the different experiences as
a student. However, I can now say I have the experience as a teacher, counselor, and after-school
program leader in all different K-12 school setting. I love being able to speak with parents daily
about their students, working with teachers and administrators, and really help students develop
within the goals and mission of the school.
I have learned that each school is unique in their own way. Even though The Childrens School
and La Jolla Country Day are only a few miles apart, I have been able to see how each school is
different in their vision. I have been able to adapt to these differences very easily, and I know I
would be able to do the same within the Hayward Unified School District as well. Furthermore,
because of the array of schools I have gained experiences at, I have worked with such diverse
students and families. I have been with students who come from high-income families and have
been able to attend high-performing schools. I have also worked with students who may not
know where their next meal is coming from, or do not have more than one parent at home. I have
been with students of all ages, gender, religions, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, family
structure, etc. All of these students bring a unique voice and story to the school and community. I
have loved every single one of the experiences, and I would be honored to work with the diverse
population in Hayward.
I appreciate you taking the time to listen to my story and how I have come to where I am today. I
hope you understand my passion for working with your Counseling and Student Services team at
in Hayward Unified School District. Thank you for your consideration of me for the Counselor
position and I look forward to hearing from you.
Christine Connolly