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STUDENT NAME: Natasha Singh

Clinical Agency: Unit:

Type of Unit:

What happened?
Feelings: What were you thinking and feeling?
Evaluation: What was good and bad about the experience?
Analysis: What sense can you make of the situation?
Identify and comment on the learning outcome to which this applies.
Conclusion: What else could you have done?
Action Plan: If it arose again what would you do?
Goals are SMART: S=specific M=measurable A= achievable R: realistic T = time sensitive
2. Communication
2.1 Communication with peers, instructors and health care team members in a professional manner, I listening and
acknowledging others perspectives.
What happened: As part of my orientation to clinical on March 3rd, 2011, I was able to learn a bit more about how my
future clinical health care team communicated among themselves. I was a bit shocked by the professionalism that the team
had towards the Director of Care, Nives Bosco, and towards the new first year nursing students. For example, when Mrs.
Bosco said good morning to one of her staff, they ignored her and turned their back. Another example would be when I
was introduced to one of the nurses that I would be working with, she grunted and did not say hello.
Feelings: My first impression of Nives Bosco was that she was a very honest, hard-working nurse that may come off as
mean to some, but was actually very interested in just getting the job done right. I was definitely glad to be working on the
same team as such a nurse. After seeing the attitude that the other members treated Mrs. Bosco and I with, I felt that maybe
my clinical experience would not be as pleasant as I initially thought. This left me a bit worried.
Evaluation: I felt that by meeting some of my fellow nurses before actually working with them allowed me to appreciate
the nurses that treated their boss and myself (the student) with respect and professionalism. It also gave me a heads up with
the nurses that I would have to be more alert around.
Analysis: I feel that this will also allow me to practice my professional communication skills with my future teammates
when I start my career. I look at this as a great learning experience. I understand that through-out everyones career there
will be people that dont behave in a professional manner but it is my job to be the best I can be.
Conclusion: By watching and learning the way the staff at Extendicare communicate with each other, it has pushed me to
want to work on my skills with my peers, my instructors, and the health care team at the facility so that as a future nurse, I
will be the best I can be. If the situation occurs again where I feel that my colleague is not treating me respectfully, then I
will ask if there is something wrong that I can help with and make sure there is no longer a problem.
Action Plan: My course of action will be to work on strategies of working around unprofessional behaviour. Mrs. Bosco
told us to kill them with kindness and that is what I plan on doing in a very professional way.
Goal: My goal is to improve my communication skills with my peers, instructors, and the staff at Extendicare by
thoroughly listening and acknowledging others perspectives.
Action: I will treat everyone with respect and be very professional in the manner in which I deal with my peers,
instructors, and the staff.
Timeline: I will give myself 5 weeks to develop strategies that can help me improve my professionalism in the work