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Student Teachers Name:

Grade Level

Laila Ali

Date: April 1st, 2015

Topic/Unit: Phonics: Adjectives School: Washington

District: Wyandotte Public Schools

Phonics: Adjectives
Use frequently occurring adjectives.
Students will be able to:
-Write down at least 10 adjectives about popcorn.
-Define an adjective.

Learning Resources and Materials

Popcorn machine
Adjectives worksheet
Regular pencil
Development of Lesson
Teacher: Good afternoon Boys and Girls! Today we are learning about adjectives.
Adjectives are words that describe a noun. We are going to use our five senses to see
how popcorn is made, to hear what it sounds like, to taste it, to touch it and to smell it.
We are going to write the adjectives on the worksheet below. Right now I want you to
turn around and face the popcorn machine. Pay attention and watch what happens as
the popcorn cornels pop.
1. Plug popcorn machine into outlet.
2. Place popcorn into the machine. Close the lid and tell students to watch what
3. Observe the popcorns popping. Tell students to describe what it sounds and looks
4. Once the machine stops popping the popcorn, give each student a handful of
popcorn on the napkin.
5. Tell students they may begin eating the popcorn.
6. After eating the popcorn, tell students to write down words that describe what the
popcorn tastes like, looks, like, smells like, and feels like.

7. Give students examples like, fluffy, white, tasty, soft.

8. Give students 20 minutes to complete the worksheet. Collect the worksheet and
9. Conclude lesson.
Accommodations/Adaptations (Optional)
-Visual: Watching the popcorn pop in the machine.
-Peer teaching: Students are talking in pairs about what they saw and how to describe
-Kinesthetic learners: Students get to describe what the popcorn feels like.
-Auditory learners: Students are describing what they hear as the popcorn pops in the
-Gifted Students: If they are finished early, they become the leaders in the class by
helping their classmates.
-Observe the students as they write down their adjectives. Collect their worksheets and
check for understanding. The assessment is aligned with the objectives. It allows each
student to give me at least ten adjectives about popcorn. The discussion at the end of
the lesson allows me to see if they understand what an adjective really is.
Teacher: You all did such a great job today. For your exit ticket today, I want you to tell
me what is an adjective? (Go around to each student and have them verbally tell you
that an adjective describes a noun). See you tomorrow!
Teacher Reflection
The lesson went really well. The students were able to follow my directions and
answer the questions I asked. I felt good about the way I taught the lesson. Students
enjoyed eating popcorn, watching it pop, and smelling it as it was popping. It was a
great way to teach adjectives and allow students to have a snack break. Many students
had trouble spelling the words they came up with so I went around and sounded words
out with them. The machine did not work at first so I asked another teacher for help
using the machine. Once it began working it was fine after that. I forgot to put butter on
the popcorn but I told students that it was healthier for them. Students still enjoyed
eating the popcorn and the ones who didnt want to eat it asked their classmates what it
tastes like. It took a little longer than the 30 minutes I thought it would take but it still
worked out really well. I demonstrated InTASC standard 8: Instructional Strategies. I
showed a creative way of teaching adjectives where students could enjoy a treat and
learn how to describe it. The worksheet students used is included below. Overall it was
a great lesson and there werent any major issues that occurred.