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Blogging for Business

Blogging for Business

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Published by: fritzth on Feb 01, 2010
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The previous section might seem a little too much
like selling for some. That is alright, because
you can sell without being obvious. Remember:
we decided that trust was important? Well, your
prospects need to trust you and your service.

Prepared exclusively for charles thorp

Be direct. Ask for the sale.

It is possible to make sales from a “shy” call to action.

With enough warm-up, anecdotes and trust-building, I fnd that simply mentioning

my products and services generates leads.

That said, the stronger your call to action, the more likely you are to convert. So,

be direct.

Often, your prospects will be unsure about whether to buy. They may really want to

buy your product, but still have lots of anxieties about buying. So, you need to drive

them towards the sale with clear, concise language.

Whispering won’t work. Speak up!

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