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Brian Dougherty

Eng 112
Blog #18
Annotated Bibliography
Source #1:
American History X: McKenna, David. October 30, 1998.
American History X is a film from the 1990s. It is about a boy named Derek who
turns into a skinhead and hates all Americans that arent a combination of WhiteProtestant. From the beginning of the film they never explain why he was grown to
live like that. His brother has a flashback near the end of the film while trying to
figure out what made Derek turn out to be that way. One day the family was eating
dinner when the father was talking about his day at work. Derek went on to talk
about his English paper and how it was based on black-culture. His father then went
on a rant about how black people have everything handed to them and feel entitled
to something. I believe it was that very moment that Derek turned into the person
he was.
My first source will be the most frequently used source of my paper. My paper is
going to be written on how three social institutions shaped the way Derek lived. I
believe that his family and cultural institutions will go hand-in-hand with each other
and focus mainly on events in the movie that explain why he turned into the person
he was. Lastly I believe that if he wasnt being educated by a black man that
conversation at the dinner table would have never happened. Since his dad was

racist he didnt accept the things his black teacher was assigning him to write
about, which instigated the whole racism rant that his father went on.

Source #2:
Multiculturalism and Education: Diversity and Its Impact on Schools and Society.
SUNY Series, Frontiers in Education. La Belle, Thomas J.; Ward, Christopher R. 1995.
Multiculturalism and Education is a book that has to do with the issues of educating
a student from different cultural backgrounds. It is a book for someone who wants
to learn about the issues surrounding multiculturalism in the United States.
Ethnicity, race, class, and education are explored as they interact to integrate
populations and affect group status and identity.
This book will serve as a good source to demonstrate how education played a part
in the person that Derek became. I believe if Derek didnt have a black teacher he
would have never been racist. Education played a big part in why Derek became the
person he was, it was wasnt really evident or spoken of in the movie. His father told
him that if he had a white teacher they wouldnt even be writing about Native

Source #3:
I am not sure if this will serve as a credible source. This is a link to the conversation
between Derek and his father at the dinner table. Derek tells his dad about the new
book theyre reading in class that was assigned by a black teacher. His father gets
angry because everywhere he looks now he sees a revolution about the new
affirmative blaction. He tells Derek about his job as a police officer and how two
black men got hired with lower grades than the whites. He says he now has two
guys to guard his life with less experience than the other guys. He says they only
got the job because they were black, not because they were the best.
This source will serve as great reference to my Family institutions and how they
helped Derek turned him into the man he became. This is the most significant scene
in the movie when thinking about what shaped his life. I will be able to use this
scene and write a full page on how Derek became the man he was with just this