Economics is the science of providing models and rules for the exchange of goods and services.

These models compete in the political, military, social and even religious arenas and only secondarily in the world of ideas (where the best idea emerges simply because it approximates the real world better than the others do.) Some scientific ideas are considered true and others false, because they describe and predict events in a the world of strictly and easily controlled scientific experiments, better than other ideas do. (Relativity theory vs Newtonian physics.) Creationists don't understand this process, of course, and believe that ALL ideas are true or false only because they are accepted or not accepted by powerful groups. While history provides examples of various economic systems, these social-economic experiments take many years to complete, and human variables such as religion, ethnic composition and class structure, cannot be varied as they can in scientific experiments, to see what would happen if we changed them. Karl Marx called his system scientific socialism but communism also turned out to be the politicalmilitary-atheistic system of rules for exchanging goods and services which was ultimately defeated as much through warfare (the cold war) as through its failure as a scientific system. We need to use reason and experiment to analyze financial and economic realities but we shouldn't indulge in illusions about their effectiveness in a world that is dominated by politics and war. Lyndon Johnson's favorite saying was "Let us come and reason together" but reason never got in the way of his political activities, as far as I can see, or in the way of any other successful politician. The strong don't listen to the reasoning of the weak, except for propriety's sake, but take what they want when they can get away with it. Paradox: Even the powerful don't want to live in a world where justice is simply defined as "the advantage of the strong" and so we get philosophy, politics and economics. But the actors of history don't listen to the philosophers, as Plato found out 2500 years ago when he tried to advise a king in Sicily and barely escaped with his life, and as Winston Churchill found out 75 years ago when he warned the world about Adolph Hitler but got war and genocide instead of peace.