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The Origins of the Crime of Penury

An Allegorical Account

A Tract Book Essay


Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif

© Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Penury is a crime that you will not find in the statute books. In fact, the word
“Penury” is not even found in most standard dictionaries. The one place where you can
find Penury listed is in Black’s Law Dictionary, where Penury is defined as “Poverty.”

Penury first became a crime in the Anglican Ecclesial Courts in England during the
reign of King Henry VIII, the King who broke from Rome and founded the Protestant,
Anglican Church of England. The Protestants and their King were doing everything
they could to destroy Roman Catholocism in England. Any person who had taken a
religious vow of poverty in Roman Catholic religious life was charged criminally in
ecclesial court with Penury, where the penalty was either death or life in prison. Soon,
Penury was also charged against Roman Catholic lay leaders who were spiritual leaders
or political leaders.

By 1850, in England, the Roman Catholic “threat” had been stilled and another
threat became apparent to the Protestant Anglican aristocracy, that is, Protestant
Mysticism. Protestant Mystics and spiritualists who became religious or political leaders
were also charged with Penury. This practice of persecuting both mystical or spiritual
Catholic and Protestant “Saints” spread to the United States and is still in use today. If
they are not illegally prosecuted and put in jail, they are illegally and involuntarily put on
psychiatric wards to try to force them to become atheists.

The charge of Penury in the United States is clearly unconstitutional as a violation
of the First Amendment. Although the United States Supreme Court has tried to do
away with religious freedom in this country in the Smith, peyote case, Natural Law, and
the real Constitution tell us that a criminal charge of Penury is unconstitutional and a
violation of 42 U.S.C. section 1983, and 18 U.S.C. section 242. Any other
interpretation means that we are living now under a fascist dictatorship with no religious