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CNO Clinical Teacher/Student Feedback Tool
STUDENT: Christina Jakji STUDENT NUMBER: 810120063 NURS 261
Teachers Name: Jule Lindsay

CNO Standard

(Examples of learning
outcomes provided below. For more learning
outcomes please look to course outline)



Teachers Comments

Professional responsibility
and accountability
Demonstrates evidence of review
of past learning and preparation
prior to and during clinical/lab
Dresses appropriately for clinical
each week.
Punctual and present in clinical
each week
Evaluates the effectiveness of
nursing care provided
Invests time and effort to improve
clinical performance
listens to peer, staff, and faculty
Provides evidence-informed
rationale for all decisions and
Increases knowledge of
anatomy/physiology and nursing
theory as it is applied to practice
in the clinical setting



Christina sometimes
demonstrates evidence of
prior learning and
preparation during clinical
practice. For example,
Christina is encouraged to
perform drug research
prior to medication
Christina dresses
appropriately for clinical
each week.
Christina has been sick
once during clinical
rotation but has been
punctual otherwise.
Christina sometimes is
able to evaluate the
effectiveness of nursing
care provided.
Christina is encouraged to
invest time and effort into
clinical in order to
improve clinical


Student Comments

I think that reviewing what is learn

is an important thing to do because
knowledge of the material will be
important during the clinical
I have dressed according to the dre
code from the beginning to keep a
professional look, also letting other
know I am a student.
It is always important to take
criticism in a positive way, in doing
so you can learn well especially from
the clinical teacher.
Ive learned that even if you feel yo
know the subject material, it is
important to consistently be aware
it and to spend time again and agai
for knowledge and safety
Being in the clinical area versus the
classroom and dealing with the
patient was a good hands on learnin
the anatomy and physiology, also
learning visually.

Assesses clients using evidencebased tools, including theoretical

framework, increasing
knowledge, etc...
Recognizes that client problems
need to be prioritized
States expected outcomes of basic
nursing care
Demonstrates ability to role
model to and mentor peers

Ethical practice
Produces documentation that is

clear, accurate, and concise

Reports relevant client
information to appropriate
Is honest and fair

Self regulation
Respect the rights of others

performance. Christina
listens to faculty feedback; however, she needs
to incorporate same into
clinical practice.
Christina sometimes is
able to provide rationales
for clinical decisions.
Christina sometimes is
able to assess clients by
using evidence based
tools while in the clinical
Christina sometimes is
able to recognize her
clients problems and is
sometimes able to expect
basic nursing outcomes
while in the clinical area.
Christina often is able to
produce clear, accurate
and concise
documentation with
supervision. She reports
relevant information in a
timely manner.
Christina behaves in an
honest and fair manner
while in the clinical area.
Christina shows respect
for others and attempts to
advocate for her patients

-Understanding the steps needed to

complete a task with a patient such as a be
bath or giving an insulin injection is better
prepared for when you have already read
and understood the pathway. It is
important to know why your are doing
what you are doing.
-I think being our first time being exposed
to the clinical environment, it is more clear
when another nurse is helping model how
do a certain task, but now having gone
through the entire semester I would feel
more comfortable doing that alone, or if
needed asking for help when necessary.

Having the note pads to document

notes and vitals helps with the actu
documentation on the computer,
making the results more accurate
It is important to have honesty and
to be fair because part of
establishing a therapeutic
relationship is trust and comfort.

-It is important to respect the rights of the

other nurses and the rights of the clients;
especially if the clients have cultural or

Advocates for patients, family,

self, peers, and the nursing
Resolves conflict positively
Acts in a respectful manner by
being courteous, polite, and

Service to public
Utilizes therapeutic verbal and

nonverbal communication
Recognizes the impact of their
own behaviour on others

and family.
Christina resolves conflict
positively and acts in a
respectful manner by
being courteous, polite
and honest while in the
clinical area.

Christina utilizes
therapeutic verbal and
nonverbal communication
skills while in the clinical
Christina is able to
recognize the impact of
their own behavior on

religious requests or beliefs.

-Resolving conflicts in the clinical place is
very important as things such as mistakes
or stress could affect the staff or even the
-Keeping a polite attitude means having a
stress-free, more relaxed environment. It i
important to try and get along with who
ever you are working with to keep the day
running smoothly.

-I think Ive learnt a lot about

communication, especially being in the
complex continuing care unit. There are
many patients who have language barriers
dementia, and other conditions that keep
communication a bit more difficult.
Learning how to maintain that therapeutic
relationship is important on the clients end
and also my end to know we both
- In this course you really learn how doing
the right or wrong thing can impact
yourself and others. Its important to learn
and get a feel of the environment to preven
any mistakes.

Additional Teacher/Student Comments:

Christina is encouraged to invest time and effort especially in the area of medication research.

Future Recommendations/Strategies for Success:

Perform medication research.

Seek out learning opportunities while in the clinical area.
Learn to prioritize and organize skills.
Student Signature __Christina Jakji______

Faculty / Clinical Teacher Signature_______Jule Lindsay__________

Date ___June 8/2013_________________________

Date ______June 8/2013____________________

Satisfactory: Student is meeting course outcome.

Needs Development: Student needs development in particular course outcome
Unsatisfactory: The student is not meeting requirements in specific course outcome
Please note that CNO Teacher/Student Clinical Feedback tool may be used for PN PAT purposes.