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Reflection part A

The leadership theory that most resonated to me is the

Behavioral approach, which comprises the democratic theory. The
democratic theory pertains to delegating tasks to the group members
allowing them to chose which task they will complete to achieve a
common goal. An example that illustrated this is my involvement in the
Youth Committee in my Church. My role in this group is to be the leader
of certain events throughout the year. My most recent role was to
ensure that the New Years Eve party is planned from beginning to end
with other members assisting me with tasks involvement. As a leader
who uses the Democratic theory style I made sure that my goal was
accomplished with other youth group members; helping me in the
areas I needed assistance. Through the democratic leadership style,
members of my team were given a choice of which activities they
wanted to complete while still making sure that everything was
completed. I needed to have areas such as decorating the hall,
organizing the prizes, ensuring the correct decor was used, and many
other important tasks. Myself being the Leader notified the group of
each task and how hey must be completed. Being the Democratic
Leader in that instance, I informed them the tasks needed to be done,
but the members were able to decide which task they wanted to
complete amongst themselves. The members were able to complete
the tasks to the standards in which I had set and The new years party
planning was successful.
While in the clinical setting for pre-grad I will also be able to use
the democratic theory, as this is an approach that is wisely used in
team settings. I will be able to take the task at hand and use the
assistance of my fellow nurses in order to complete them. I must be
able to ask for assistance with the task at hand but also be able to
consider the other nurse and her needs as well. A charge nurse
displays the democratic approach when participating in morning
conference. The charge nurse will give everyone an overview of each
patient and assign them their patents; while also ensuring the nurse is
comfortable and willing to take the assignment.