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So well. Sacred geometry existing for sure.

My analyzes both on maps and Google

earth are pointing to some kind danger from West Sudan over Saudi Arabia, Iran
and then much south of Pyang Gong in N Korea and than near the east border
between N and S Korea. But it not enough. If something will go out od control,
there will be bad situation in Japan, because same coordinate is stoping only around
150 km from Japanese beach. As I said. If something will go wrong than Tokyo is
out of map.

Actually is formula created from three most inluent points on the world.

My home country Slovenia is alredy calculated in over 10 years and in some towns
there is sign of better and worst points. On better points people learning very easy,
and they are not sick. Should I also say what is in bad points by coordinates?

Check out on Google who Mico Mrkaic is. He is alive evidence that sacred
geometry is working. He also was born on fantastic sacred geometrical location and
lived there in around 30 years.

Anyway, Israel and Palestine are in war but there is possible to stop it exaxtly with
that kind of stuf. Sacred geometry.