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NAS stands for 'National Aerospace Standard of America'.

It is the standard for oil cleanliness which
indicates the number of microscopic particles of different size say 2-5, 5-15, 15-25, 25-50, 50-100 and
above 100 micron present in 100 ml oil sample. In naked eye human can see only the macroscopic or
large particles which is larger than 40-70 micron size. But the particle size below 40-70 micron which is
called microscopic particles can not be seen without microscope. Whereas under normal circumstances
thousands of such microscopic particles are always present in air, oils and containers. These particles
creates lots of problems including damage of sophisticated hydraulic and turbine equipments specially
servo valves.
Through ordinary filtration system in blending plants microscopic or humanly invisible particles can not be
In NAS filtration system a specially designed membrane filter is used where all microscopic particles
ranging from 2 micron to above and even pathogenic bacteria which can not be seen in naked eye are
Depending on the number of particles in different size present in 100 ml of oil there are following
cleanliness levels called NAS values.
1. NAS 0
1. NAS 1to12
1. NAS-99
Ordinary or Raw Oils possess NAS Value 11-12.
Standard NAS for oil is NAS 6
Special requirement for NAS is below 6 and the lower the batter because lower NAS value indicates the
lower number of particles present in the oil.
There are two systems of measuring NAS values. One is called "On-line" and another is called "Off-line".
In "On-line" measurement system NAS value is measured in operation site during filtration process is
going on.
On the other hand, in "Off-line" filtration system a sample is collected from the system and taken to the
laboratory in a sample bottle and tested.
Off-line is more erotic than On-line measurement because the probability of particle contamination is high
in Off-line as particles may come from sample bottle or containers.

For your information NAS 0-3 clean oil may extend the machine life double or triple where lies the
importance of using micro-clean oil having NAS 0-3 or below 6.

NOTE:-An Lubricants Factory need specials equipment to produce a NAS 0 hydraulic oil like: safety
double room, adequate system of filtration, specials clothes to workers, adequate procedures to avoid

specials containers and equipment of lab applied to determine cleaning level of oil.external contamination. . It's very hard and difficult and for that the price is too expensive.