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Pujol Vilarrub, Emli [Emilio]

(b Granadella, 7 April 1886; d Barcelona, 15 Nov 1980). Catalan

guitarist, vihuelist, musicologist and composer. His youthful studies
of solfge and the bandurria led to his performing with a student
ensemble at the 1898 Paris World Exposition, in the presence of
the French President Felix Faure. After hearing Francisco Trrega,
he took up the classical guitar, remaining a pupil of that master
from 1902 until his death in 1909. Pujol went on to become a
celebrated guitarist, with concert dbuts in London and Madrid in
1912. His tours to South America began in 1919, and he performed
in Europe repeatedly from 1921. In contrast to his more successful
contemporary, Andrs Segovia, who plucked with his fingernails,
Pujol always advocated, but never insisted on (Purcell, 1981),
Trrega's right-hand technique, in which the fingertips rather than
the fingernails were used. This produced a softer tone, eliminating
many of the string's overtones, but it also limited timbral
As a composer, Pujol published over 125 highly idiomatic original
works for guitar. He also brought out nearly 300 transcriptions and
arrangements in his series Bibliothque de musique ancienne et
moderne pour guitare (Paris, 1927). His interest in teaching led to
his appointment as professor of the vihuela at Barcelona
Conservatory in 1945. Additionally he gave regular courses in the
vihuela and Spanish guitar at Lisbon Conservatory (19469) and
taught the vihuela and early music at the Chigiana Academy, Siena
(195363). His greatest legacy may well be his multi-volume
Escuela razonada de la guitarra, basada en los principios de la
tcnica de Trrega, a method book whose four volumes, appearing
over several decades, contain a wealth of historical information,
studies and repertory along with explanatory text. Volumes i (1934)
and ii (1937) reflect Trrega's teaching, while in Volumes iii (1954)
and iv (1971) Pujol's own teachings predominate. As a
musicologist, with little formal training but great enthusiasm, Pujol
popularized the Spanish vihuelists, editing four volumes in the
series Monumentos de la musica espaola. He published a
number of articles stemming from his work transcribing and
studying the vihuela repertory. His announcement in 1936 of his
discovery of a supposedly original and intact 16th-century vihuela
at the Muse Jacquemart-Andr has remained controversial (Cook,
1983). He also uncovered numerous sources of Baroque guitar
music. In 1970, the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science
awarded him the Cruz de la Encomienda de la Orden Civil de
Alfonso X, el Sabio.
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