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Surface Texture
Texture &
Machining Symbols

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Jerz 2 Apr-06 .Surface Surface Conditions Conditions Vary Vary Machined z Cast z Forged z © R.

Jerz 3 Apr-06 .What What is is needed needed for for product product function? function? Smooth z Rough z Patterned z © R.

Jerz 4 Apr-06 .Extra Extra Stock Stock for for Castings Castings © R.

Jerz 5 Apr-06 .Machined Machined Surfaces Surfaces © R.

Jerz 6 Apr-06 .Surface Surface Roughness Roughness by by Process Process © R.

Machining Machining Symbols Symbols © R. Jerz 7 Apr-06 .

Jerz 8 Apr-06 .Finish Finish Marks Marks z Shown in edge view © R.

Recommended Recommended Symbol Symbol © R. Jerz 9 Apr-06 .

Jerz 10 Apr-06 .Casting Casting Example Example © R.

Symbols Symbols © R. Jerz 11 Apr-06 .

Jerz 12 Apr-06 .Complete Complete Symbol Symbol © R.

Jerz 13 Apr-06 .Example Example of of Symbols Symbols © R.

Jerz 14 Apr-06 .Indicating Indicating Machining Machining Allowance Allowance © R.

Machining Machining Notes Notes z Finish All Over (FAO) © R. Jerz 15 Apr-06 .

Jerz 16 Apr-06 .Application Application © R.

Jerz 17 Apr-06 .Surface Surface Roughness Roughness © R.