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“APC MGE Galaxy 5000 20kVA” UPS brand
“HP RPS36000/3 with 3 additional RP12000/3 Uninterruptible Power System Modules
AF437A (together 6 modules in 60kVA parallel configuration)”
The maintenance should be done quarterly along with the troubleshooting of the UPS
The following activities should be carried out:


Anti Harmonic Filter Check-up
Visual inspection
Connections tightness
Input voltage V1 V2 V3
Current in capacitor legs


B. UPS Operation check-up



Charger Unit
Visual inspection
Input voltage U1-2, U2-3, U3-1
Charger Voltage measurement
Calibration check-up


Inverter Unit
Visual inspection
Inverter voltage measurement
Inverter current control
Output voltage measurement
Output current measurement
Calibration check-up

Battery Check-up
Battery room temperature check
Battery isolation
Battery condition

D. STS Check-up
 Visual Inspection
 Electrical Tests
E. Cabinets Clean up inside and outside
F. Corrective maintenance service on any faulty components
Any spares needed to replace faulty parts or components, or which are needed as part
of the regular service and maintenance of the UPS, are included in the total amount for
this service contract. This provision excludes the possible replacement batteries, which
are supplied by SST, if needed.