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18 February 2015

4.18pm – 5.24pm
Chairperson Calderon
Vice Chairperson Muñoz
Councilors Balagot, Carbonell (left at 5.12pm), and de Layola
Year Level Representatives Fuentes, Iwarat, Callejo, and Rayos
1. Remittance
2. Committee/Batch Updates
3. AIT Month
4. USC Updates
5. Mamasapano
6. Other Matters
1. Agenda Approval – Approved
2. Remittance
3. Committee/Batch Updates
Ways and Means (c/o Councilor Carbonell)
- school supplies refilled
- SC shirts for Councilor Sarmiento and Batch Reps Rayos and Callejo already ordered
- bag: same design as lantern shirt last year, maroon
Basic Student Services (c/o Councilor Balagot)
- three partners for AITeach
- printer is okay, needs laptop, will canvass for cost of ink refilling
Students’ Rights and Welfare (c/o Vice Chair Muñoz)
- R4E Alliance: TS, TMS, Start, Stand UP
- release unity statement on Saturday
- emergency GA before Mr. and Ms. AIT on Friday
- videoshoot on Friday
- venue reservation: Feb. 27, 1130AM-1PM at the student lounge, solidarity program for
- unity statement: signature campaign
Sports and Fitness (c/o Councilor de Layola and Batch Rep Iwarat)
- already looked for places to have jerseys made
- rummage sale
- food IGP
Graduation Committee (c/o Batch Rep Fuentes)
- Banyuhay meeting on Friday

4. AIT Month
Seminar Series
- 20: Career Talk, audience and manpower
- 24: VTP Seminar, 9-12AM, standee
- 26: Throwback Thursday: The AIT Story, pub and standee
- 26: Mano Mano
Cultural Night
- “Tanghal Pilipino: AIT Cultural Night”
- 2 regional orgs as partners
- performers: Alay Sining, Music Circle, Ellie Hermosa, College of Music
Mr. and Ms. AIT
- setup at 1-4pm
- tokens: from Turismo Diliman merch
5. USC Updates – lay on the table
6. Mamasapano
- craft campaign/statement
- Feb 25: target release
7. Other Matters – N/A