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10 April 2015

4.14pm – 4:56pm
Chairperson Calderon
Vice Chairperson Muñoz
Councilors Balagot, Batinga, Carbonell, and de Layola
Year Level Representatives Iwarat and Callejo
1. Remittance
2. Committee/Batch Updates
3. Election Matters
4. Fitness Week
5. Other Matters (Partnerships)
1. Agenda Approval
- add Gawad AIT
- Approved
2. Remittance
3. Committee/Batch Updates
Secretariat (c/o Councilor Balagot)
- attendance report to be released (Feb-Mar)
- memo re: resignation Councilor Reynoso and Batch Rep Rayos, and Councilor
Batinga’s entry into the council
Finance (c/o Councilor de Layola)
- March plus AIT Month finances to be released
Ways and Means (c/o Councilor Carbonell)
- release of string bags next week
- Councilors de Layola and Sarmiento for photoshoot on Wednesday
- release pubmats next week
- please share the pub
Mass Media (c/o Councilor Batinga)
- guidelines regarding pubmats to be posted in the group
Basic Student Services (c/o Councilor Balagot)
- can we support two bottles of water per day? Yes.
Sports and Fitness (c/o Batch Rep Iwarat and Councilor de Layola)
- default games during DilGames due to commitment issues of AIT players
- futsal games will start tomorrow
- basketball games will start on Monday
- Schedule of DilGames: TTh, Saturday, and Monday

4. Election Matters
- release pub for elections
- Miting d’ Avance
Apr. 21, 11.30-1PM, Student Lounge
Reserve venue and sound system (c/o Councilor Balagot).
Apr. 18: release pubmat
Program: host, open forum, questions, etc.
Letters for org heads and professors
5. Fitness Week
- Orglympics will happen during Fitness Week
- last week of April
- online campaign
- allot one day for BMI etc.
6. Gawad AIT
- May 5, 9AM onwards
- CS/US/VAAS to be awarded
- Best Organization to be announced also
- Other awards: outstanding staff, faculty awards (regular and lecturer), research,
extension services
- Pubmat c/o AITSC: announcement plus the list of awardees (US/CS/VAAS)
- Tuesday: list of US/CS will be given
- accomplishment report plus council turnover
- April 17: deadline of accomplishment reports for orgs
- schedule of event manning c/o Councilor Balagot
7. Other Matters
- No to quiz bee partnership
- Councilor Balagot to send updates to FSTs for the meantime.