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By: Alya & Madeline

.WALL CLIMBING •  Popular form of rock climbing performed on artificial structures that attempt to mimic the experience of outdoor rock climbing.

EQUIPMENT • Rock shoes • Chalk bag • Chalk ball • Harness • Belay device • Large screwgate • Rope .

we can do this if the wall is not too vertical. • Fissure climbing → only uses the gap/ crack on the wall to climb. . • Friction/ slab climbing → only use friction as a leverage.TECHNIQUES • Face climbing → It is a climbing technique that uses the point as foothold and to keep your balance.

TERMS • Crux → The hardest move on a route. climb without using rope. • Red. • Bouldering → Short distance route.point → Score that the climber get when they succeeded after many trials. .sight → To climb a route without falling and without beta. • On.

no sitting or lying down. • Should not dived or jumped onto from the climbing wall (try to climb down).RULES & REGULATIONS • Do not stand. • Climbers are not to remove or adjust the bolt on holds or bolt hangers. . • Stand while belaying. • No climbing above the first anchor point without using either top ropes or appropriate lead equipment and experience. walk or run under other climbers • Do not climb above or below other climbers. • No loose chalk to be used.