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BAA 2723



Chapter 1 : Flow In Open Channel
1. Compute the hydraulic radius (R), hydraulic depth (yh ) and section factor (M = A√yh)
for a trapezoidal channel. The depth of flow is 5m, the bottom width is 15m, and the side
slope is 2 (horizontal) : 1 (vertical).
2. A trapezoidal section has a 5m bed width, 2.5m depth and 1:1 side slope.
3. Calculate the geometric elements of a parabolic section with a cross-sectional area of
10.0m2 and a top width of 4m. If the section is replaced by a trapezoidal section with a
4.0m bed width and 3:2 side slope, calculate the depth of flow, top width, hydraulic
radius and section factor.
4. What will be the depth of flow in a trapezoidal channel that has a bottom width of 2.5m
and side slope of 1.1? The channel carries a flow rate of 4m3/s with a velocity of
5. A triangular channel with side slope of 1:1 carries a discharge of 4m3/s with a velocity
of 0.74m/s. Evaluate the geometric elements ;area (A), wetted perimeter (P), top width
(T), hydraulic radius (R), hydraulic depth (yh), section factor(M) of the channel.
6. Calculate the geometric elements of a circular cross section with a cross-sectional area
of 0.15m2 and a diameter of 1.0m.
7. A rectangular channel is 4m wide and 2.5m deep. The water in the channel is 1.75m
deep and is flowing at a rate of 21m3/s. Determine the area of flow, wetted perimeter,
and hydraulic radius. Is the flow laminar or turbulent?
(use kinematic viscosity = 1.10 x 10-6 m2/s)
8. A trapezoidal channel has a side slope of 200 to the vertical and has a base width of
150m. If the depth of flow is 6m, determine the hydraulic radius, hydraulic depth and
section factor.
9. Determine the Reynolds number and the Froude number for the flow in Problem 8 if the
discharge rate is 800m3/s. What is the flow regime?
10. The cross sectional profile of a natural river can be approximated as parabolic. The
distance between left and right banks is 100m and the maximum water depth is 8m. If
the average velocity of the river is 0.5m/s, determine the flow rate. Also determine the
flow regime.
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