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Center of Pedagogy

Progress Report

For Social Studies Celtificati.on Candidates

Spring 2015

Student Name: Agree, Adam

School/District: West Orange High School, West Orange School District
Grade Level/Subject Area: World History 9
Evaluator: Robert Shamy, Subject Mentor
Date submitted: 04/02/2015

Does not meet expectations



Meets expectations

Exceeds expectations


1. Planning For Student Learning

a. Stating clear and meaningful learning goals and objectives
b. Organizing subject matter for student learning:
c. Designing creative and appropriate learning activities and materials
p. Demonstrating ability to plan lessons that integrate multiple Soc. Stud.
2. Teaching For Student Learning
a. Making content comprehensible to students
b. Monitoring student understanding, providing feedback. and adjusting
c. Using media and other technology in appropriate ways
d. Promoting critical thinking
e. Using democratic practices
p. Demonstrating ability to involve students in the identification and utilization
of primary sources as well as other processes as appropriate for Social Studies
q. Demonstrating ability to appropriately use technology and other forms of
interactive learning as appropriate for Social Stud.ies ed.
3. Assessing Student Learning
. Recording and using assessment results to infornl instruction
4. Creating A Positive Environment For Studellt.~
a. Establishing and maintaining appropriate standards of classroom behavior
b. Providing a physical environment that is safe and conducive to learning
c. Using instructional time effectively
5. Professionalism
a. Expressing ideas clearly and personal attributes
b. Communicating with others to support student learning'
c. Reflecting on instructional efforts





Center of Pedagogy
Progress Report

For Social Studies Celtification Candidates

Spring 2015

6. Cootent Knowledge
p. Demonstrating knowledge of social studies content

Additional comments on Planning For Student..LeJUning.

AdamaDDs lesson plans contain all of the elements of effective planning, Objective: SWBAT evaluate
the United StateaDDs policy of containment dUring the Cold War by analyzing multiple perspectives
on the issue and examining the full extent of the spread of communism during the period. This
objective is somewhat broad to the point of eValuating the policy of containment during the cold war,
It should be focused more directly on the first part of the objective.
Additional comments on Teaching For Stude nIt Learning
With a Do Now on the board Adam initiated the lesson by collecting homework. Do Now: What is
containment? What does it meat to contain something? What is an example of something you have
tried to contain? I noted that Adam is conscious of connecbng one lesson to another and building a
concept chain on a particular historical scenario. The primary source readings for this lesson were
appropriate for the grade level of this ninth grade class. They were short readings but relevant to
the perspectives on the policy of containment. the discussion that initiated the lesson Adam
stayed primarily in the front of the class, His questions to student were good but could have been
more succinct in order to get to students to elaborate their response. Upon completion of the
discussion of the Do Now Adam had students read an excerpt from the from TrumanaDDs policy. A
short discussion followed to clarify TrumanaDDs and WallaceaDDs views on the containment policy, A
map activity followed illustrating the spread of Communism throughout the world. It would have
been a good idea to point out the locations of the various countries on the world map to illustrate
scale and location. The activities and materials planned for this lesson were effective in focusing on
and elaborating the objective of the lesson. After the map segment students were given highlighters
and an outline of a world map. They were instructed to highlight those countries that were
Communist. It was great to see him use a timer for the group work. Upon completion of the map
activity Adam discussed a hand out of a time line that covered the period being studied. He read the
time line to the class. This was too much for the students to absorb. The time line should be used as
an anticipatory set to activate prior knowledge and elaborate the concept chain of the period being
studied. At the end of the class Adam showed a vid,eo clip of the evolution of the two Koreas. Bell
ended the lesson. Be more conscious of a closure activity as a review of the objective and a
connection to the next lesson.
Additional comments on Assessing Student Learning:
The collected homework will provide an assessment of student learning. The class discussion and Q
and A will also provide an assessment of student outcomes as will the collected class work.
Additional comments on Creating A Positive Environment For Student Learning
Adam is focused, positive and supportive in his interactions with students. He is very active in
moving around the front of the room but needs to consider moving up and down the rows to interact
with students and solicit more student movement.

Center of Pedag'ogy
Progress Report

For Social Studies CeJtification Candidates

Spring' 2015

Additional comments on Professionalism

Adam models professionalism in his relationships with students and colleagues, He has infused some
of the activities/strategies we discussed in our last meeting into this lesson as per my request. He is
eager to learn and adapts well to suggestions,
Additional comments on Content Knowledge
Adam has an excellent understanding of the content he taught in this lesson.
Overall Comments
Adam is demonstrating excellence in his student teaching, His attention to planning and connecting
lessons is very effective, I am impressed with his progress over the time we have spent together,