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Main Task: Music Magazine Research

Research into Music magazine front covers, contents and 2 page article

Download of 12 music magazine front covers (a variety of music genres)

Download of 12 music magazine content pages (a variety of music genres)

Download of 12 music magazine double page spreads (a variety of music genres)

Detailed analysis of 4 music magazine front covers

Audience research questionnaire into Music Magazines and analysed results (pie charts etc.)

Decide on the genre of Music magazine you will produce

Buy 2 music Magazines, one must be from your music genre magazine

Audience research questionnaire into your genre results analysed

Download of 5 music magazine front covers (your genre)

Download of 5 music magazine content pages (your genre)

Download of 5 music magazine double page spreads (your genre)

Detailed analysis of 2 music magazine front covers, content pages & double page spreads (your genre)

Flat planning for 2 existing music magazine

Presentation of Case Study of a music magazine


Main Task: Music Magazine Planning

Media Pack/Reader Profile for own magazine (could also include existing media packs/reader profile to

Organisation of music artists/bands/models (Photoshoot calendar of models and contact details (could
also include screen prints of emails sent)

Organisation of location (location recce, images of locations used and written description about why the
locations are appropriate)

Organisation of props and costumes (costume and prop list, photos of props and costumes with written
analysis of why they are appropriate and the meaning conveyed)

Evidence of drafting for masthead, layout, mode of address, colour scheme for all pages

Evidence of storyboard style drawings for shot types to be used in Photoshoot to support choice of shot
and meaning conveyed (post-it notes would be appropriate here)

Audience research mood board

Continued audience feedback

Timeline outlining what you need to do and when

Flat planning for whole magazine (evidence of drafting is also appropriate here)

Personal learning and evaluation of research and planning into music magazines


Production Task: Music Magazine

Evidence of original photography (framing a shot, including and excluding

elements as appropriate; using a variety of shot distances as appropriate,
selecting mise-en-scne including colour, figure, lighting, objects and

Evidence of manipulation of photographs

Evidence of manipulating photographs as appropriate to the context for

presentation, including cropping and resizing and use of ICT (Photoshop
etc.) Screen prints would help here.

shooting material appropriate to the task set;

A 2 page written article and accurately using language and register

Showing understanding of conventions of layout and page design and

appropriately integrating illustration and text.

Showing awareness of the need for variety in fonts and text size

Using ICT appropriately for the task set.



Double page spread* DEADLINE 16 JANUARY

Evaluation Task: Music Magazine

Evaluations must be done electronically (it is suggested that you do this in a PowerPoint and or Prezi, using still
shots and screen prints to support your written work).

Evaluation of final front cover

Evaluation of final contents page

Evaluation of final double page spread

Response to question: In what ways does your music magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of
real music magazines?

Response to question: How does your music magazine represent different social groups?

Response to question: What kind of media institution might distribute your music magazine and why?

Response to question: Who would be the audience for your music magazine?

Response to question: How did you attract/address your audience?

Response to question: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this music

Response to question: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression
from it to the full production?

Audience feedback of final music magazine

Reflection of audience feedback of final music magazine

Neatly presented and well organised blog