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Christina Jakji

Mississauga, ON
L5V 1B4
(416) 400-5003
To Whom It May Concern:
This is in regards to the Full time position you are offering at your
I am a student at Humber College who has just completed my final
semester at Humber College and will be writing the registration exam
in September 2015. In my time at Humber, I have had the opportunity
to be placed in 3 amazing facilities that allowed me to gain
professional experience. Using the materiel I have learnt in class
combined with the hands on tasks in the clinical setting, I have been
able to expand my skill of assessment, medication knowledge and
administration, time management, and teamwork. For all these
reasons and more, I know I will be a perfect fit for the position.
Attached to this cover letter is my Resume, which will show the clinical
settings I have had the privilege to be a part of, my volunteer
experiences, and education, which has shaped me into the person, I
am and the great nurse I will be. I am excited to hear back from you
Thank you,
Christina Jakji